Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Carl Edwards - That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Very early this morning, I added the latest reviews of mine to be published at Review Stream. One of these was on Carl Edwards, who is my #2 favorite NASCAR driver. In my review, I mentioned that one of the neat things about Carl is that he gives away the majority of his racing trophies, keeping just a few very special ones in his personal collection. Today, I just read this over at Jayski.com and had to share it in support of how wonderful I think Carl is to keep passing on his trophies in ways that are good for the world.

Edwards gives MIS trophy to wheelchair-bound teen: A wheelchair-bound Michigan teen got a special gift from one of his heroes over the weekend. Pat and Teresa Byrnes took their son Cody to the Michigan International Speedway so he could see his favorite driver, #99-Carl Edwards, race. "Carl happened to be walking by and we gave him a thumbs up and Cody gave him a thumbs up and he saw his flag waiving on the back of Cody's chair. And so he stopped, turned around and came back and he came over and he signed his wheelchair and he signed his shirt," said Teresa Byrnes. The Byrnes were already excited that Cody got to meet his hero, but they weren't prepared for what Carl Edwards told Cody next. "He looked at him and he said, 'Hey buddy, I'll tell you, if I win that trophy today, now that's if I win, I'll give you that trophy'," Teresa recalled. The Byrnes say they began to realize Edwards could win the race when he moved from the 27th spot to first place in about 60 laps. Pat Byrnes says that's the most nervous he's ever been during a race. Edwards did win that race. Carl Edwards signed the trophy for Cody with the initials NGU, which means never give up. "Cody, everyday he wakes up and sees it. It's like he's realizing it's really his and he'll get excited and squeal, for someone to work so hard to get that trophy and then to say, 'Here, you can have it'. That is the kindest gesture anybody has ever done," said Teresa.

Just touching bases ...

Should I say Good Morning or Good Evening? It's just after midnight here, and I figured I'd say a few things since I just added to my list of Review Stream articles (see the long list on the right hand side of this column).

I had a great time watching the Olympics, though I still believe there was some big time fudging with the ages of the China gymnastics team. That aside, I had a blast with beach volleyball and several other sports. I still hate all the tape delay business, but I'm apparently in the minority on that.

Now it's back to regular TV. Saw the newest reality show on NBC -- America's Most Dangerous Jobs, or something like that. As an animal lover, I had a hard time watching the poor crabs being suffocated, but the premise of the show is interesting. However, I see bullfighting is coming up, and if they show the murder of a bull on TV, they're going to hear about it from me, that's for sure. That's one of the cruelest and most disgusting so-called sports out there.

As for real sports, loved Carl Edwards giving it back to Kyle Bush during the big NASCAR race Saturday night. Kyle is such an immature, cocky baby. He can't take what he dishes out, and Saturday night, Carl dished out some of Kyle's own stuff. It was terrific! The best part? Carl didn't apologize. He was straight forward and honest about his 'bump and run'. Go Carl!

My #1 fave, Jeff Gordon, finished fifth. Hang in there, Jeffy! Three more races to the Chase. What's frustrating is that without this dang chase format, Jeff would have won two titles in the past four years. He'd be a 6-time champion. Well, he is to me, anyway.

We're gearing up for another heat spell. Our mid to high 90's are going to reach 103 by Wednesday, so goes the forecast. I'm not happy about that. I'm not a sun person, if you know what I mean.

Onward I go. Have a terrific week, Folks!

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