Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Parting is Difficult

Earlier today, I notified a couple of the Yahoo groups that I own, particularly my Patrick Swayze group and my fan fic group, that because of my desperate financial status, I'm making the very difficult decision to sell some of my much loved and coveted Swayze collection. With some minor editing to be appropriate for this blog, I'm posting that email here. If you are a Swayze fan and interested, please notify me.

Well, I'm just about there.  The well is about to be dry, and I'm scared too death.  So, as much as I don't want to, I'm at a point where I have to.  I'm going to have to try and sell part of my Patrick collection.  I haven't been getting much sleep, and the stress is just making me sick as can be, so I don't know what else to do.

I thought I'd start with the posters. I know there was some interest in the past, but then again, I have a hunch that those folks bought everything they wanted off of eBay. I wanted to make sure first that there was some interest, especially since it's not easy to get around and open them up. I need to know if anyone is genuinely interested in buying some of these within the next two or three weeks.

This isn't going to be a cheapie sale. I'm not doing this to get them off of my hands; I'm doing this with a sad heart because if I don't, I can't pay the bills at the end of the month and in June. I paid a lot of money for these back in the day when I had money, and getting a few bucks isn't going to help me, either. I anticipate them being in the $15 range, minimum (some could be higher). Honestly, I don't even know if that's considered outlandishly expensive these days or not because I haven't shopped for anything in the last several years since my financial situation turned south.

I may also part with some of my 8x10's. These would be a $5 minimum because, again, that's what I paid for them, and some *much* more, back in the day. It wouldn't make any sense for me to sell 10 pictures for $10. $10 won't help me. Selling 10 at $5 is $50 and that's the water bill, so it helps.

So -- do let me know if you're interested in posters, and/or in the photos, keeping in mind the minimum prices I've mentioned and that this would be happening very fast. I don't have time now to wait and do this in August. The disability still hasn't come through, and I'm just out of money with bills staring me in the face. I have to do something or just let the worst happen. So, we're talking making payment now instead of later.

Compressor Mania

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The Beast and other things

A&E announced their new TV schedule today and unfortunately Patrick Swayze's The Beast wasn't on it, but I wouldn't rule it out. A&E has been excited about the series and has a lot of ways they can take the show, with or without Patrick in it. Of course, everyone prefers it to be with the charismatic actor in it, including me.

We have to continue to believe in Patrick and his future. He's hanging in there, doing everything he can to beat Pancreatic Cancer. Don't count him out. He's a fighter, and he could very well pop up, ready and eager for another season after he finishes the book he and Lisa Niemi are writing.

I'm continuing to pray and visualize a healthy Patrick with us for many years to come.

Wow! It was an American Idol shocker, and truthfully, I almost expected it. Adam Lambert did make it to the finals, along with Kris Allen. Allen was the surprise. Just about everyone thought it would be Danny Gokey in the final two. I love Danny, and his story is so heartwarming. He's the won whose wife died not long before the try outs for Idol this season. Tragedy to triumph: that's Danny's story, even if he didn't get out of the top three.

I keep forgetting to add my wish list button for Amazon. This is because sometimes folks have asked me for something they can get me that is fun and not just paying bills, so this is for them. I'll be updating the wish list as I can with all kinds of items, including things for my doggies. When I get a chance, I'll add the button to the right side of this blog, but for now, here it is.
My Wish List

For Chatters On Wheels

Tonight, I'm letting my readers know about yet another great opportunity for those with something in common to get together and chat away. I have an aunt who has something like multiple sclerosis. I say 'something like' because it's never been accurately diagnosed, and that's just what the doctors have decided upon. She's had this for her almost her entire life. She went from stumbling, to using crutches, to being in a wheelchair, and that's where she's been for the majority of her adult life. She has always faced unique obstacles that only she understands, and though she's extremely independent, it's weighed on her.

If my aunt were online, I really think she'd love to participate in a wheelchair chat. She's just missed the computer age, though, but she was very social with people. Nothing ever phased her, and I honestly believe that being able to get together with others in her situation would have helped her get through the days and maybe learn how to handle things in her own family a little better than she did.

The great thing about this chat site is that it's completely free of charge. There are many different chat rooms to participate in, including video chats, if you have a webcam and want to converse in that way. If you're on wheels, give this wheelchair chat a try. You might find some welcome companionship there.

Miss California Scandal

You know, I grew up watching pageants. My mother loved them, and it was something we did together for years. I still watch them. Now, I only saw part of this year's Miss USA Pageant, but I've heard about little else recently on the news by the question posed to Miss California by Perez Hilton.

Here's what bugs me. This country is about freedom, and that freedom extends to Perez Hilton *and* to Miss California. Now, I don't know if Perez was free to ask any question he wanted, or if he knew he was going to get Miss California. Like I said, I didn't actually see it. I've read a lot that he set her up. I don't know.

What I do know is that he asked a question about her stance on gay marriage. She spoke her mind, vocalizing her beliefs, which is exactly what she was asked. For Perez Hilton, or any judge, to score her down because of her personal morals, ethics, or opinions is dead wrong. Now, I don't happen to agree with her. I will say that I used to, but over the last few years I've come to believe that love is so rare and wherever you can find it, with whom you can find it, isn't a bad thing. Is it for me? No. It's not something I'd do. I'm very much wanting to be princess rescued by the handsome prince. However, I know a lot of princesses who are quite happy with other princesses, and the same for princes. They have a right to be public with their happiness and to have the same rights as heterosexual couples. That's just how I feel now.

For Miss California to be torn down, though, because she believes differently goes against everything this country stands for. The bashing that she has sustained over that issue is as wrong as the bashing of gay couples.

Now, as for the question of her improper photos and the contract she signed, Miss California lied and is in the wrong. Today, Shannon Moakler resigned from her duties with the pageant because Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA pageant and thus rules over all of the state pageants, let Miss California keep her crown. The Donald likes publicity. He was wrong. I have to applaud Moakler's values and standing up for what she believes. The Miss California Pageant has now become a joke. It doesn't matter any more about the contract that contestants sign. Get Donald some publicity and that's all he cares about.

It's a shame. Two wrongs have been done here, and no one is paying the price.

Let's Make Some Money

No one knows better than me how difficult these times are. People are struggling. *I'm* struggling, big time. Trying to find ways to make money that are legitimate and worth the effort isn't easy to do, but doing so means survival. I just found out about a new site that I fully intend to spend some time at this week. It's called Make Money Online. Freelance Jobs of all kinds can be found at this website.

The best thing about this job board is that it's absolutely, one-hundred percent free to use, and the jobs listed cover all kinds of opportunities, including proofreading, translating, data entry, telemarketing, banner design, programming, bookkeeping, video services, and much more. There are businesses there looking for folks to make their new website logo, write SEO articles promoting them, perl coders, software help, and so much more. I was really amazed at what I saw.

In these times, we need a place like Make Money Online, where thousands of jobs, from market research to photography are listed. It's definitely worth a closer look. I know I plan on spending a lot of time there this week to try and help my desperate financial situation.

Cool Down

Today was such a delight. It was cooler than the last few days! I guess it's time for the warm up now. The dogs are really loving it outside, though. They have their favorite spots and just love to wait for something to pop up that they can bark at.

There's a new book out on Patrick Swayze this week, but just know it's an unofficial volume that doesn't actually include any contribution by Patrick or his wife, Lisa Niemi. Patrick and Lisa are still working on their official story, which is due out in the fall sometime. So, please read with care.

I'm curious to see what Farrah Fawcett's story is like this Friday. I think she may be getting the last laugh on the tabloids, and I applaud her for it. These rags are so hurtful. They get an ounce of truth and make out like it's a full pound. They have no heart and no conscience.

The California fires are almost under control, thankfully, and the headlines have returned to politics. Ugh. We have an election coming up next Tuesday, all sorts of little financial things that they want us to approve. Actually, what they are in reality are taxes. They want to get money from the people, who have no money, to make up for the fact that the state has no money. Makes sense -- to politicians. If they think I'm voting to give myself six new sets of taxes, they have news coming, and they aren't going to like it.

As expected, Ty Murray got the boot on Dancing with the Stars tonight. He really did a valiant job, though. I'm proud of him for getting into the top four. Then on American Idol, Adam Lambert hit sail again. It'll be surprising if he doesn't win, but then Idol has had lots of upsets before.

More later!

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