Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a Day

I'm almost afraid to see what else is going to happen today. First, we learn of Farrah Fawcett's death this morning, and now comes word that Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest. I was never a fan of the Jackson 5 or Michael Jackson, but I respect the talent that was there and the musical legacy that has been left for generations.

Jackson was surrounded by controversy for much of his life, and my hope now is that he just finds some peace. Everyone deserves that. His life took many strange turns, but I don't feel we're justified in judging him. Unless you're there, it's impossible to walk in shoes of another person.

What a day!

She Fought a Great Fight

Farrah Fawcett passed on this morning, and I felt it was important to pause and give her a moment of respect. She was much more than a pretty face or the women with the famous locks of hair that sparked a fad and craze that spanned the decades. She was a good actress, as her performances in shows like The Burning Bed and Extremities prove.

I liked Farrah. I didn't always agree with her, but she was just a human being like the rest of us, and she made mistakes.

I applaud how she tackled her cancer, doing so with extraordinary bravery. Recently, a special detailing her fight aired on NBC. It was pretty incredible. The documentary wasn't easy to watch, but it was the truth of what anal cancer can do to a person.

Farrah was iconic, and she'll be missed.

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