Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tony Lucca Outclasses Christina Aguilera

I continue to be stunned by the total disrespect that Christina Aguilera seems to have for her fellow Mouseketeer, Tony Lucca, on The Voice.  All season long she has continued to show great immaturity and a bias against Lucca.  He is a few years older than she is and has had nothing but nice things to say about her.  She actually didn't appear to recognize him at first during the blind auditions, which is okay, but something about her reaction when she did always has felt odd to be.  The word that comes to mind is plastic, as in fake.

So, how to explain Aguilera's penchant for negativity for Luca?  She's panned him all season, called him one dimensional, and recommended to his celebrity coach that he not be chosen for the finals.  Is this jealousy?  Did she have an unrequited crush on Luca when they were kids?  Is she afraid of being usurped by yet another Mouseketeer (they both worked with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears).

I don't know why she is being, well, a jerk, but she is.  It shows her insecurity, and I believe that may be the truth of the matter.  Aguilera's penchant for showing her assets, purchased as they have been, tends to be a sign that she has little self-worth.  She may talk a good game, but many people who act tough really have deep self-esteem problems.  Maybe that is really what is the heart of this.  She's just out-classed, in talent and esteem.

What a shame that Aguilera has shown such childish behavior.

I don't know who will win The Voice.  Chris Mann, who is Aguilera's protege for the finale, is awesome.  I adore him.  He has a wonderfully classically trained voice.  He and Lucca are actually the two I have been rooting for the most and really are the only two contestants I've cared about, so as long as one of them wins, I am happy.  Part of me wants Adam Levine to be able squash Aguilera in the judges panel since Levine is Luca's coach.  I thought he was on the verge of really telling her off in the finale last night, but he made his statement in another way.

My good wishes to Lucca and Mann, who have both shown awesome talent and dignity, and my pity to Aguilera for being so classless on national television and in real life apparently.

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