Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beat the Heat

The heat is upon us. It's summertime, and that means one-hundred degree days with lots of sweat and humidity. We need to cool off, and there is nothing like taking a dip in the pool to take care of that. My parents had a pool built for us in the 1960's, and it's still going strong. It's needed to be re-plastered a couple of times, and we've made alterations, but the hours and hours of cooling fun this in-ground pool has provided has been worth every penny.

There are so many options in getting a pool built. There are custom pools that can be designed to your specifications and needs. People like different shapes and looks, and there really are no limits to what can be done in having a pool built to your desires. My sister had her pool built to fit her dream of having an outdoor sanctuary where she can relax, meditate, and commune with nature. She has a little garden there, too, and the pool is her centerpiece to this outdoor haven that she's had built for her.

People in Southern California can check out Orange County swimming pools and see how they can make the summer more enticing and liveable. Then there's always North San Diego swimming pools which offer their own solutions to cooling you and your family down. Beat the heat and click on those links today.

You Just Never Know When It Will Happen

The sad reality of life is that every time we set foot in our vehicles, there's a chance of an accident occurring. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but it definitely happens. I know because I've been there. Years back, I was hit by a drunk driver. It was almost surreal because I actually knew it was going to happen. It was like time slowed down, and in my head, I went through all the steps I needed to make in order to not lose control of my car. I'll never forget a second of that. It's as clear to me today as it was when it happened. I remember every thought.

My point is that collisions happen, and it's often because of the other guy, just like my accident was. So, when the worse happens, you need to make sure you have a reputable auto body repair outfit to help get you back on the road. Click on this link -- body shops california -- and check out Collision Repair Experts, which is backed by several well known companies, including Dupont and 3M. Just take a look at their requirements for being one of their experts, and you'll see this is a quality group of body shops.

Vegas Memories and Fun

Las Vegas, Nevada has changed by leaps and bounds since the Strip took America by gambling storm. Whereas it was once a mecca of nothing more than slot machines and poker games, it's now a family environment, with theme parks for the kids to enjoy with or without their parents.

When I go back to Las Vegas, I want to stay at the same place I stayed at before, The Luxor. There's a number of reasons for that. First, I love the Egyptian design and the light beam that shines up into the sky. There's a great sideways elevator that takes a second to get used to, but is a real hoot. I adore that it looks like a sphinx and a pyramid, stirring up my archaeological juices. It just takes me back in time. Since it's summertime, their outdoor swimming pool would work for me big time.

I've read that the Titanic exhibit is coming to the Luxor soon, too. As someone who has studied and researched this legendary vessel, that really appeals to me. I'd spend hours taking that in.

While playing the slot machines, or some keno or Blackjack, can be fun, I'm sure I'd take some time to reflect back on my last trip to The Luxor. This seems very timely right now, too, with the passing of Michael Jackson. Several years ago, my sister and I were waiting to go on the boat ride that was part of first floor. All of a sudden, the line stopped moving. People were getting off the boats, but no one was getting on.

Finally, the reason for the odd behavior became apparent. There he was, Michael Jackson, complete with entourage. Everyone was stunned. It was an unannounced trip, at least to the Vegas tourists. He smiled and waved and then got on the boat ride. After several more empty boats followed, the line began moving again.

We took pictures, as did others. We also knew someone would call the media, and they did. I'm sure they sold their photo for a lot of money as it was on the news that evening, but for us, it was the thrill of seeing him that was the prize.

It was an incredible experience, one that paled only to seeing Barbra Streisand singing over at the MGM. For me, that's what Las Vegas is -- the unexpected and entertainment. I'm not sure I can ever top seeing both Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand within twenty-four hours of each other, but with Vegas, you just never know. As a fan of Donny Osmond, I'd love to see his show with his sister, Marie. If Celine Dion were still there, I'd go see her. If Wayne Newton were performing, I'd definitely go see him. I saw him perform on another trip to Las Vegas one time, and that man knows how to put on a show. In addition, The Luxor is currently featuring the amazing Cirque du Soleil. Whatever your pleasure, be sure to order those Vegas show tickets.

So, whether you take in one of the theme areas, spend hours on end in the casino playing all of the various games, going to show after show, or doing a combination of all, Las Vegas makes for a winning trip, especially when you stay at an exciting and different hotel like The Luxor.

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