Monday, June 16, 2008

Money Makers - the Cow!

Recently, I learned about a new way to make some cash on the internet. It's something called GPT (Get Paid To) websites. I joined up and have been having some success. Soon, I will be writing some tips and suggestions, a sort of 'how to' for these sites, based on my experience, but right now, I want to introduce you to the absolute best of these sites that I've come in contact with. Later, I'll share some other sites I like, too, but the Cow is hands down, the best!

The way these sites work is that they present offers. You simply click on the offers and go through them, looking at a bit of sponsor advertising, selecting anything you might want and skipping over the rest. You get paid 'x' amount per offer. Some offers are simply PTC, or paid to click. There are sign up sites for newsletters and other GPT sites. You can purchase at some of your favorite places and get cash back. You can do trials and get paid for it, via the milkshakes that convert to cash. There really are all kinds of offers to be checked out and potentially earned.

GPTcashcow has a great admin, otherwise known as Reagan, the site owner. She's very accessible. There's also a super forum that is growing. People are eager to help newcomers by answering questions and giving their experience. They also just chat about all kinds of things. Right now, aside from specific offers, there have been discussions ranging from NASCAR to American Idol. There are also lots of contests and chances for extra cash by participating with them. On Friday the 13th, Reagan held a trivia contest that several of us took part in. She gave out $200 that night! She's planning much more, so the forum is not only fun, but profitable.

At the Cow, as we lovingly call it, the offers you complete earn you cash and milkshakes, the milkshakes converting to cash at checkout. Right now, that's done at the end of the month.

One way to increase your earnings is to get referrals who are active. It really doesn't do anyone any good to just sign up, but if you sign up and do some offers, it's great. The person doing the offers gets their money and milkshakes, and the person who referred them gets a percentage, too. The more referrals you have, the better the percentage.

Please give the Cow a chance! I'm eager to build up my referral base, and this site is one I'm a big believer in. I haven't gotten that first check yet, but I actually just won a fifteen-day contest there, and Reagan is in the process of sending me a $50 money order. I should have that next week, and I will post here when I receive it.

So -- you can earn some cash at Cashcow and also have some fun with trivia, games, and just meeting and chatting with the folks in the forum! It's made this much more enjoyable to me, and I believe it will for you, too!


Cassie and Tessa

Cassie and Tessa are my two beautiful dogs, and I thought I'd do a quick introduction of them.

Cassie is coming up on her third birthday in July. She's a black lab, very gentle and loving. Her sister is Tessa, who is 1 1/2. She's a mix of lab, german shepherd, and heeler. She really does try to herd people! It's very cute!

Right now, on this very warm day in California, they are outside, being taunted by the squirrels. Have you seen those commercials where the squirrel is in the middle of the street and just laughs at the motorist who ends up crashing? I believe it!

These squirrels sit on the top of the fence and just stare down at my babies, taunting them. The girls go nuts, and it's absolutely hysterical to watch.

I wanted to upload their picture, but no matter what I did, blogger wouldn't upload them -- some internal error; but if you want to see them, you can click here and visit my doggies' web page.


Money Makers - Vindale Research

To start with, I'm one of many people who are struggling to make a go in this very complicated and expensive world of ours. One way I'm doing that now is by participating in various online surveys and places where you can earn some extra cash. This cash isn't 'extra' for me, though. It's what I use to pay my bills and buy the groceries.

As I write about some of these places, I will be honest about my experiences and views on the individual sites.

The first site I want to plug is called Vindale Research. With Vindale, you can do trials and test for products both online and in your home. Since signing up, I've gotten MP3 downloads, credit services, movie rentals, skin care products, and so much more. There's no cost to the member at all. You sign up for free. The compensation varies, depending upon the survey, but it has always been reasonable and profitable in my opinion.

Many of these test items have been online, just doing a quick survey about a website. Others have been items that have come to my home for review.

Vindale Research is proven to me. I've received payment from them, with another check in the mail. It really hasn't taken much in terms of time or effort, either. Their customer service has been very good, and they seem to be very professional.

On the referral side of things, I get $5.00 if you sign up. On the plus side for you, if you like it and tell your friends, you then get $5.00 for every sign up. As soon as you join, they send you an email with tips and information on their organization, one for three days. They have a test survey you can do, or not, for $5.00. I actually didn't do the test one. I did get $2.00 right away just for completing my profile.

Try Vindale! It'll help me, and you'll profit from it, too!

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. You can read about my ups and downs and daily progress in life. This space could cover my personal life, my appreciation of various performers and shows, ways to make money, freebies, my animals, and more.

As a quick introduction, my name is Marcia, and since first coming online many years ago at Prodigy, I've been known as Orrymain. The name was taken from the character of Orry Main, played by Patrick Swayze, in "North and South," which I absolutely adore. I wanted to have the URL to this blog be '' but it was taken, so if there is another orrymain out there, please don't confuse us! Since the name was taken, I chose '' because I write Stargate SG-1 fan fiction that I call happyfic.

I hope there is something for everyone here and that the blog is worth returning to!

Please come back often!
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