Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dangerous Times

These are dangerous times we live in. All I have to do is look in the paper or read the news. In fact, a nearby town was just ranked as the fifth most dangerous and crime-ridden place in the country to live. That's not reassuring.

I'm always looking around my home and wondering what I could do to make it more secure. It's just frightening to think about all the cruelty out there that is just waiting to happen, so I really want my house to be safe. I love my front door; it's a security door that really makes me feel safe, but securing a house involves much more than that.

While surfing the web, I came upon a nice blog that talks about home safety. I've read several of the entries (including one on 10 tips to make your home safer and another that shows the various bolts and hinges and explains their differences), and they've given me some ideas and tips that I hope to carry out in the upcoming months. I wanted to pass along the information on this site because we all need to be safe in this crazy world of ours.

I highly recommend reading this Home Security Blog and doing what you can to improve the safety and protection of your own home.

Las Vegas, Here I Come

Okay, well, I wish I were going to Las Vegas again soon. I love Vegas. It's exciting and full of things to do. I've been there several times, and some of my best memories are of the wonderful shows I've taken in. The problem for me in the past, though, was knowing what shows were being presented and where. Most of the time, I never knew until I got there. I had to spend a lot of time talking with hotel people and reading brochures to learn what was available.

I sure wish Las Vegas Shows had been around when I was planning my past trips. This is a fairly new site that has all the information you need to discover the many entertaining shows that will be playing during your trip to Vegas. They have detailed information on each show for visitors to review, and the best thing is that you can order your tickets online. No more worries about a show selling out before you get there.

Another really nice plus of using Las Vegas Shows is that they have a lot of exclusive promotions, meaning special deals at lower rates. In this economy, that's a huge plus. So, the next time I'm traveling to Las Vegas, I'm definitely surfing over to
Las Vegas Shows to book the shows I want to see. Check it out!

The Joy and Frustration of Squirrels

You know, I love squirrels. I really do. They are cute little things. Growing up, the only places I ever saw them were at parks and in the woods. Then they migrated to the suburbs, and now they are everywhere. All I ever have to do is look out my window to see the squirrels. They are running along all sides of my fences, going in and out the trees, and taunting my dogs. Fun to watch, definitely.

However, with squirrels come a variety of problems. They've repeatedly eaten through cable and phone lines, causing a tremendous amount of damage and requiring several visits from workers in both industries. I'm not just talking about the wires high up into the air, but the ones that are right up against the house. They also jump onto our roof and run across the patio cover, occasionally keeping folks awake and bringing about damage to those areas as well. Squirrels can even get inside chimneys and crawl spaces, causing stinky problems should they pass away there. So, squirrels may be fun to watch, but they can also be frustrating and expensive.

Recently, I visited Havahart to see what solutions they have to offer. They have a variety of humane traps, electronic solutions, and squirrel repellent ideas for those of us dealing with this issue. I really love that their ideas don't involve killing because I really do love the little guys and I'm a very strong animal lover. Their entire inventory is based on their name. Look at it closely -- Havahart equals 'have a heart'. Their solutions are caring; otherwise, I wouldn't be writing about them in my blog. If you have a squirrel problem, check them out.

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