Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Arrests and Trials

Where I live, there is an Occupy movement. What bothered me about them initially is that they didn't seem to have a focus. When interviewed by local media, most people couldn't even express why they were protesting.

Still, the very foundation of America is protest. Englishmen protested excessive taxation and overseeing by a faraway government. Hence, 1776 and all that has followed.

Part of me is all for it. Corporations do have too much control. It's too much about greed, and the banking industry is a perfect example of that.

I also believe we have more power than we think. The problem is that we don't want to sacrifice. Seriously, if everyone withdrew their accounts from Bank of America and Chase, for example, those fees would stop. They'd get the message, but the reality is, not enough of us are willing to do so, for one reason or another.

What bothers me now in my city is that in these troubled financial times where the D.A. has already gone on record and said that they couldn't afford to prosecute all the crimes anymore, they are making arrests for people who refuse to leave the park where the Occupy protesters are assembling.

Now, I don't have a problem really with the arrests for after hours, but the thousands and thousands of dollars to prosecute these people just is not warranted. Keep the park safe: I'm for that, but when we don't have the manpower to keep homes safe from intruders and prostitutes are working without having to worry about being arrested, something is wrong.

The city needs to back off. Do their job in keeping that park and the surrounding area safe, but don't go overboard. Oakland went overboard last night and it almost turned into a riot. People were injured and who knows how many of thousands of dollars were spent.

This is the problem with government. Protect us, but don't do it for the sake of showing us your there.

It's a waste of money at a time when there is no money to be wasted. Worse here, after the D.A. announced here they would not be prosecuting those arrested, some overzealous, power hungry, publicity seeking city manager said they would overrule the D.A. and prosecute. Since all of these people have said they want jury trials if prosecuted, the dollars are already beyond wasteful, it's insane.

Someone needs to do something.

Common sense needs to prevail.

Here's hoping the Occupy protests help us all to realize the power we have and the peaceful ways we can affect change.

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