Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beauty in the Springs

I adore Colorado Springs. It's a beautiful place, and I feel a sentimental kinship towards it. My favorite homes and the views there are often so picturesque and refreshing. When I look at my favorite areas, it's not just their beauty that I think about, but how well many of them are laid out, landscaping-wise. Colorado Springs Landscaper is a company that offers high quality, quick service, and affordable prices for all your landscaping needs, including tree and lawn services. They can certainly keep those images I'm referring to their very best.

Besides, it's so much easier to let a landscaping service tend to your needs than to try and do it yourself. They have the expertise to make suggestions and guide you in your choices. I know I can always use help in figuring out the best layout for my yards. In fact, I'm hoping to add a new tree to my backyard soon, and a company like Colorado Springs Landscapers would make my life so much simpler by turning the process over to them and saving myself the sweat.

The website gives some information about what to look for in a landscaper. For me, experience and seeing their success stories would be wonderful.

All-Star Day

Today is NASCAR's annual All-Star race. Qualifying was a hoot yesterday. They do it differently than during a regular race. I enjoyed it, especially Tony Stewart, who is much more likable as an owner nowadays. The four Hendrick cars are in the top six, that's a pretty good showing for them.

As I said in a quickie post below, it's mid-90's and maybe even higher this weekend. I am so not looking forward to that. I prefer that mid-70's stuff.

Well, didn't have much interest in my Patrick collection unfortunately. Don't know what I'm gonna do. If anyone knows of any odd internet jobs, be sure to pass them on. I wanna stay positive, but all I'm seeing right now is doom and gloom. I'm dreading June like never before. I anticipate having to shut off the cable entirely, and I haven't gone without television at any point in my life. It's gonna be tough.

Anywho, have a great weekend. Look for more rants every day!

Time for a Swim

It's in the mid-nineties this weekend, and that means swimming season has begun, which in turn means it's time to go shopping for a new swimsuit. While scouting around, I found a nice website from Sunwave Sports that offers all kinds of swim wear for men, women, and children. They even offer Swim Parkas, and everything is at wonderful sale prices. Shipping is free, too, and that always gets my attention. You can find all kinds of swimming accessories on the website in an assortment of colors and designs. They're Biz-Rate customer certified and take major credit cards. Surf on over and take a gander!

RDA's New House

My oh my! Have you seen Richard Dean Anderson's new home? It's a beautiful thing. It's open and bright and on the ocean, and boy does it look like a neat place to hang out. Rick's home is pictured in the June 2009 issue of Architectural Digest, and someone has already uploaded a copy of the article. Take a look! I tell ya -- wish he'd adopt me. Wylie is one lucky little girl. For that matter, so are those beautiful doggies of his!

The New Strategy

Dubli is leading the way to a new and innovative way of doing business on the internet. This exciting strategy is referred to as the reverse auction. It's a creative process that aims to have the consumers saving 40 to 60 percent on goods from a variety of the best manufacturers. Dubli is offering an inventive and proactive way of doing business with the ultimate goal of helping buyers to get the very best brands and services for the absolute best and most competitive price.

Through the Dubli Network, a buyer can peruse the network for items they're interested in and place their bids for products or services they need. It's a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer both.

In Dubli, all types of entrepreneurs, marketers, and other business people can thrive by taking part in this creative way of offering products to consumers. It's a style of business that is on the increase.

A reverse auction is downward pricing. Unlike other sites where bids drive the price upward, in a reverse auction, bids do the reverse. Prices go down, allowing for some tremendous savings on a host of products. All of the products offered are quality items from top-notch manufacturers. As Dubli states on their website, they are a friendly group of folks who are offering a wonderful new platform through which dreams can become a reality. It's intriguing and definitely worth a look!

Farrah's Story

I watched Farrah's Story Friday night on NBC and found it to be very poignant and telling. It's also quite tragic and sad. I fear she's not long for this world, but she's put up a wonderful battle, beating the odds for the cancer that is killing her. I hope her story gets told over and over again. If you didn't see this, you should. This isn't Farrah's life story. It's not about her celebrity; it's about a woman who wants to live and who has put up all the fight she has within her to survive. I don't know how anyone could watch it and not feel compassion and respect for Farrah. It was inspiring and amazing.

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