Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Together

Here are a few tidbits, some good, some not.

Just read that Michael Landon's son, Mark, was found dead. He did some acting, but wasn't as well known as Michael Landon Jr. in the acting realm. It's just always so sad to read something like this.

I saw Rob Lowe on the news with California's governor talking about the nasty fires that have raged on for the last few days. Lowe's house was spared, but many of his neighbor's lost theirs. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he's been talking to Lowe a lot during the fires. They're friends, so that's one way that Arnie stayed on top of the situation -- with his friend who was living right in the thick of it.

Dancing with the Stars had the semi-finals tonight. I love Shawn Johnson and want her in the finals, but the judges have 'fixed' their voting all season to make sure that Melissa Rycroft and Gilles Marini get to the finals. This is the first time since the very first season that I felt like things were fixed and being manipulated.

Here's a special site that is definitely good news. It lends itself to black BBW singles who are looking to find friendship and/or love. It's totally free, so you can create a profile for others to see while also perusing the many profiles and personals of others that are already online. You can upload photos, participate in the chat rooms (including video chat), send instant messages, and much more. If you're interested in black BBW dating , click the link. You just might find a wonderful surprise!

Say Cheese

Say Cheese!

How many times have you heard that expression just before the camera snapped and cringed inside? Maybe you gritted your teeth or gave a closed smile, unwilling to let your yellow or dingy teeth be captured on film.

As someone who has gone through my share of dental work over the years (and probably more), I know how great it is when I don't have to worry about my smile. So, it's important to develop habits and utilize the right tools to keep your smile its brightest and whitest. There are actually several things you can do to help yourself.

Nite White is a nifty product that actually remineralizes your teeth while also whitening them. It even comes in mint flavor, which is a big plus for me.

Then there's Rota Dent electric toothbrush. One of the good things about this particular product is that its brush tips are designed to go under the gum line as well as in between teeth. Those are hard to reach areas, so any help to clean them is a huge advantage to keeping your smile camera ready.

One other product of note is MI Paste Plus. It's the ideal ratio of calcium and phosphate to keep your teeth strong.

Maximizing your smile lets you enjoy those special moments. Say Cheese won't make you cringe; it'll make you smile brighter than ever.

Punk Love

This is one for the punk rockers out there, and I know they're everywhere! There's a website where you can be matched up with other punk rock lovers, people who love it just like you do. It's totally free to join, making it a superb way to make new friends and maybe even find that someone special. So, if you'd like some great punk dating, give PunkMatch.Com a try!

Quick Update

For my fan fic folks, I need to get back to what I can to earn a few bucks on the internet, but I did finish Revelations early this morning and it's out for beta'ing. I think I need more betas, though. Everyone is so busy. Anywho, it's out there. Daniel is also dancing around my head, insisting on a ficlet being written. I gotta work, though, so am trying to teach the man patience. We'll see who wins!

It's getting too hot here again, too. Mid-80's this week and supposed to be low 90's by the weekend and going into next week. Nooooooo! Ugh!

The girls are outside, having a great time, though. They're running around in circles, chasing each other at the moment. I can see them from my chair. Oh my -- Tessa just grabbed something -- not sure what it is, but she's having fun with it as she runs. Oh -- there goes Cassie on the prowl, hunting Tessa. I love these girls. they are my joy!

A Local Opportunity

I'm back again with another place where you can chat and make new friends. As I've said before, online chat rooms are no stranger to me. When I first started on the internet, I was especially active in these type of places. You just never knew who you might meet, and I met some great people. As a result, some good relationships formed.

Recently, I've plugged some places where you could chat that were based on something you have in common with other chatters. This site is similar, except that the commonality isn't a hobby or characteristic, but is where you live.

In just a matter of minutes, you can be involved in a free local chat by clicking on the link and signing up. Membership is one-hundred percent free and doesn't involve more than filling out a quick sign up form. If you like, you can add to your profile to give folks whatever information you'd like to about yourself.

This site also makes it possible to communicate by webcam. If you go into one of the video chat rooms, you can use your webcam to chat with folks who live in your city. That's pretty neat.

As always, be safe and cautious with your chats and in the process, you can meet some great folks right where you live. It can be a lot easier than meeting someone at the supermarket.

The Need for Speed

Steve. I've never forgotten Steve. In high school, he had the hippest and fastest car on campus. Everyone was envious. Steve's car was turbocharged to the max, and being around him meant being cool. I don't know of anyone who didn't want to go for a ride in his car.

Having a turbocharged car is still so cool. It would be awesome to increase my car's horsepower and give me more torque. Think of the possibilities a good turbocharger could make to how your car operates and the increased speed it will provide.

Turbocharger Pros pride themselves in utilizing only quality parts for their turbochargers and providing them at affordable rates. They have a huge database of air induction parts for all makes and models of vehicles, so whatever you need to upgrade your car, you can find through them. Not only that, but these guys are available 24/7 and have several warehouses across the country, which means you can start turbocharging your car in just a couple of days after placing your order.

Plus, if you need assistance, Turbocharger Pros have live support over a toll-free line, and if you can't quite afford brand new parts, they have remanufactured parts available, too.

It's springtime, so this is an excellent time to rev up that engine. I'm betting Steve still has a turbocharged car, and he's probably the envy of his friends.

Shred Those Documents!

Here's your helpful hint for the day: make sure you shred your old bills and documents. Actually, shred anything that has personal information on it, including your name and address. This is vital in today's world where identity theft is so prevalent. It's also extremely important to businesses, small or otherwise, to protect their customers' private information.

Office Paper Shredders are absolutely essential. What's great about new models is that there is now the option to get shredders which cut the documents so fine that the destroyed paper becomes confetti. It's more secure than the traditional strip-type of shredders. Whichever style you want is available in a wide price range.

Many brands of paper shredders exist, including Olympia Paper Shredders. They use the term 'cross cut' to describe some of their shredders. That's the same thing as a confetti shredder.

Another option is to purchase one of the many Dahle Shredders that are on the market.

Protect your business and your clients by having a quality shredder to destroy those documents with personal information on them. Even if you're an individual, having a good shredder is ultra important to keep you and your family safe. I've had one for years and shred my papers on a daily basis, even tearing off my name and address from magazine covers and shredding that. You can't be too careful anymore!

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