Monday, December 28, 2009

Stores and Banks Left Unlocked

What the heck is going on? In my region over the holidays we had not one, but two grocery stores left unlocked during closed hours ... and a bank!

It sounds crazy, doesn't it? Two Safeway stores both were found open by customers. In what may be a resurgence of holiday spirit and honesty, some people actually did their shopping and left money at the checkout counters! Others shrugged and left. Fortunately, consumers also called the police. According to Safeway, they believe that it was a failure in the locks. Survelliance footage shows the stores being locked. However, both are 24/7 stores except for holidays and they think people showing up and yanking on the doors just caused them to open. Me thinks new locks are about to be installed in Safeway stores using this current system.

And now comes word that on Christmas Eve a Wells Fargo Bank was left unattended. A customer say a sign that said the bank was closing at 2, but the doors were open. She went inside. No one was there. She called the cops, and the bank manager was on the scene in less than a hour to close the place down.

Are we just in a hurry, or what? I sure am glad I don't bank at Wells Fargo!

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