Friday, May 4, 2012

Michael Shanks in Saving Hope

I'm super excited about the new Canadian series, Saving Hope, starring Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1.  His co-star is Erica Durance of Smallville fame.  In fact, these two have appeared together on both of their former shows, so there is history.  NBC is airing Saving Hope starting June 7 at 10pm.

Michael plays Charlie Harris, Chief of Surgery, who ends up in a coma and then roams the hospital.  It promises to be very cool.  I don't know how long they can keep that premise up before he needs to get out of the coma, but the first 13 episodes should be great.

The show is filming in Toronto, and they're working on episode 7 now.  Michael's become a tweeter.  I don't do social media, but following his tweets is a hoot.

Watch Saving Hope -- let's get a season 2!

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