Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wal-Mart Ripping Off Customers with Gift Receipts

Gift givers beware! A local news station has discovered that when you buy something and give it to someone with a gift receipt so they can return it, if necessary, that the person doing the return is probably not getting the full amount back; in fact, they are probably only getting half the gift value. This was discovered when a local man returned something he had bought himself and he just took the gift receipt. For a $15 item, they wanted to return just $7.50.

The local station in Northern California then conducted an investigation and also had a sister station in Pennsylvania do the same thing. It's just shocking.

Here is the link to the initial report and here is the link to the follow up where California lawmakers are about to get involved as well as a lawyer who is considering a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart.

The point is, if you use a gift receipt and you or the person you give it to uses it to return, odds are they are not getting the full value. I suspect, as does the California Majority Leader, that Wal-Mart has made millions with this deceit.

Pass the word along if you are a Wal-Mart gift giver.

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