Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti Outrage

I am really upset by what is happening in Haiti, and I'm not talking about the search for victims or the help to rebuild.

There is a local family who has been working on adopting a Haitian boy. After the quake, they didn't know what happened to him. An NBC news crew tracked the boy down and shot video to send to the parents. Since then, they've been trying to get their boy to the United States, as have several other potential parents.

The parents were set to fly to Salt Lake City to meet their new son on Thursday only they got word that the flight was off. It seems the Haitian Prime Minister was in Canada and refused to signed the documents. Excuse me? His country is in shambles. Little kids have no where to go. People want to help. And the PM is in Canada? I'm outraged.

I'm even angrier because all through the night, negotiators were working with the Haitian government to make this flight happen and bring these kids to the US. Now we're there, investing our hearts, minds, souls, equipment, time, food, supplies, etc. -- all in the name of human compassion and goodness, and the PM and the government of Haiti won't release these kids? These homeless, hungry children?

Outrage! Then today, they let the kids on a plane, saying they could go to Florida and while on the plane, they forcibly remove the children because they can't match the names.

Well excuse me. I thought we were helping a nation to rebuild, but apparently they would rather squabble over names. I don't freakin' care who these kids are or what their names are. They are little children, hungry, hurting, in need of care that Haiti can't give them and who have people here wanting, anxious, and hopeful to give them homes.

What the heck is going on? This makes me question everything we're doing.

Let those children go. Let them out of that nightmare.

Or maybe we should just come home and let them deal with their destruction themselves.
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