Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Heat is Coming!

I can feel the heat! It's coming, those summer months with outrageous temperatures that cause us to sweat and faint away. We've had some scorchers over the last few years. Those of you in Fresno know exactly what I'm talking about. The closer we get to summer, the hotter it will become and the more unbearable. I don't know about you, but I don't do well in heat at all. I need to stay cool. With that in mind, let me point out that Acme Air Conditioning and Heating is waiting to serve you and make sure you don't wilt away in the high temperatures that are headed our way. This company has been in business since 1999.

What I thought was intriguing is that the company is a Goodman 'Good-Care' dealer with factory trained employees. This means that they take pride in offering the best service for the most reasonable and fair price. Being honest is part of their creed, so to speak.

They specialize in new installs, change-outs, and new designs, and they also maintain the ducts by cleaning, testing, and repairing.

Visit Fresno HVAC to learn more about their services and policies. Make sure you stay cool this summer!

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It's Saturday

Hope your Saturday has gone well. I wasn't feeling too well last night and this morning, but it's been a better afternoon and evening for me. I did watch the NASCAR race. I think it was the most exciting race of the year. Jeff Gordon didn't win, but he did finish fifth and extend his points lead. I tell ya, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. needs to go back to driving school. He just can't get into his pits. I've been talking about it all year, and now even the announcers are beginning to point out just how costly the constant miscues on pit lane are for Jr. Sorry fans of the 88, but Jr. is not a good driver. If he were Dale Smith, Jr., he probably wouldn't even have a ride.

We're in the mid-80's this weekend. I wish we'd get back to the mid-70's. I like that weather a whole lot better. It's just a little too warm in my house when it gets to any temp over 83 or so outside.

Here's a link folks interested in vinyl shutters might want to check out.

I've written a lot of new articles over at Helium. Please use the link on the right hand side of the blog to review them. Every time you surf one of my articles, it's a plus for me.

Have a great night -- more later!

Furniture Madness

Now this is cool! There's a place on the web called Scenic Furniture that has some very nice rustic furniture. When I browsed their inventory, I took particular interest in their home office section. They had a really neat, rounded desk table that I loved. It was curved a bit, making it different and unique.

Then I focused on a two-drawer filing cabinet. I have this old dingy thing in my house for important files, but how nice it would be to have something that looked as good as the cabinet they have for sale. Made of Northern White Cedar logs, it's perfect for the indoors and is made to last. It's hand crafted, too.

Scenic Furniture has some great stuff. Surf on over and check them out!

Look Sharp!

One of the things that I've been toying with over the past year or so is starting up a new website that will help me to sell celebrity clippings, something that's worked for me in the past. If I decide to go that route, though, I'll need a sharp looking website that will both lure people in and be professional. I could do try and do it myself, or I could let the experts do it for me. One such expert is Notion3. Click this link to access them: web page design Denver.

Notion3 is focused on graphic design, website design, search engine optimization, and custom web application development. They can bring high visibility to your business site and make sure searches will bring prospective customers to your site.

They can do every piece of your website design for you. That can give you a lot of piece of mind. Developing a website is quite daunting for many of us, which is why a professional is worth the cost.

This company has been in business for over 24 years. They utilize the latest technology and methods to get the job done. Visit their website and take a look at all they have to offer.

This and That

I've been watching the news and seeing all the devastation in Southern California. Man, that's frightening. All those homes being lost and being having to flee for safety. It's growing, too. The pictures have been incredible, showing the blaze. Some of our news reporters covering it had to flee even in the middle of a report because the wind had changed the direction of the fire last night. Too close!

I watched Michael Shanks' movie, Living Out Loud, again tonight. He really did a great job in it. It was different to see him as a husband and father. Of course, this was a Hallmark movie which meant that they glossed over so much of the 'meat' of the story. I wanted to see the things we didn't see and wanted more depth to the transitions that were made in the character. Sadly, a two-hour movie is only 90-minutes and with five people to focus on, they can only do so much. Still, a very nice movie. I wish I could have taped it, but taping doesn't work for me anymore. Pooh! I'm hoping Hallmark shows it a lot, assuming I'm still able to get the Hallmark Channel in the foreseeable future.

The dogs are such a hoot. They've been bone-deprived for a while now, and when I saw these decent size ones on sale this week, I just felt like I had to get them each one. When I got home, though, I decided to just open one and put it on the floor and let them decide who got it first. You see, when I give them each big bones like this, they just never both eat them. One of them will start chewing on theirs, and the other one ends up watching or sitting by me. They seem to have fun doing that. The second bone gets ignored for the most part until the first one is gone.

And, since I can't stand to decide who should get the bone first, by just putting it on the floor and then letting them in the house, they decide the issue, and that's what they did. They had me in stitches. They took turns with all day long. They seem to have a code or something. It's just adorable to watch.

Sci Fi's been showing the first season Stargate SG-1's lately, and that's been fun to watch, even if they are chopped up. I'm so sick and tired of those crappy last couple of seasons that this feels refreshing to see the old shows again. I keep hearing that the new SG-1 movie will be more like the days of old and that Richard Dean Anderson definitely is the center of the attraction. I'm so hopeful of some good Jack and Daniel moments.

I'm also hoping for a good Jack and Daniel cameo together in the premier of Stargate Universe, a show I don't plan on watching except for the premier because Rick and Michael are both in it. It's probably going to be just like the Stargate Atlantis pilot where they are just in a few minutes towards the beginning, ie, the big send off. As long as it's Jack and Daniel, together, I'll be happy.

I read today that the dingbat responsible for the Air Force One fly-over the Statue of Liberty resigned. Maybe he's a scapegoat, and maybe not, but that was just the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time, so someone had to go. He admits to not reading emails and such. Time for a new job.

Did y'all get the Oprah Kentucky Fried Chicken coupon for the grilled chicken? Now talk about Oprah's popularity, this thing almost caused a riot. On the second day of the offer, my KFC was taking names and addresses and telling everyone they would be sending out coupons in the near future that would include a beverage, so that's even a better deal. The grilled chicken is good, by the way. I took advantage of getting the free piece on April 27 and thought it was very tasty.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm doing a lot of surfing these days and also doing some sponsored posts here and there. So, whether it's stuff I'm finding on my own or places I've been directed to, I hope you'll continue to drop by and keep up with the latest, which hopefully will be more positive things than my lonely rant of a few days ago.

Saturday night is the Southern 500, and I'm hoping Jeff Gordon can get another win there, or at least have a top 5. He's starting in the front row and has a good history there, so I'm thinking positively. Jeff's still having a lot of back problems, though, and that's kind of scary. I guess they've pinpointed the problem finally, but he hasn't told the world what it is as yet. I'm thinking those two big crashes he's had in the last three years may have taken a toll, not to mention lifting his little girl all the time. I just hope that whatever it is, they can take care of it. I'd hate to see his career end early.

As for the fan fic, those two stories are still there. I've had so many ideas pop into my fron lately, too, but I just have to spend the majority of my time earning money. I hate it; I really do, but I have to stay focused. I'm just down to scratching through the days. Soon, I hope!

Have a great weekend all!

Coming Together

The other day I mentioned a chat group I had found that might interest folks and today I've found another one. What appeals to me about this one is that it's one where Christians from around the world can come together and visit online in a safe environment. The site offers free christian chat for anyone who is interested.

Membership at the Christian Chat City, as it is called, is free. You complete a quick sign up form and update your profile as you like, and then you're ready to chat with others at your leisure. The neat thing is knowing that you have one big thing in common, that of being Christian. That's a pretty nice bond, in my opinion.

This site also has video chat rooms so if you're someone who likes to express yourself visually with your webcam, you can do so here. Access is instant, so as soon as you complete the sign up, you can start chatting.

Chat rooms can be a great place to get to know new people online and make friends. They're a place you can go to for fun and just to share whatever is on your mind. Folks have to be careful these days, of course, but chat rooms can be a place full of positive experiences. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet there.

A New Kitchen

One of these days, I dream about remodeling my kitchen. It's very old and yucky. It's a place I don't even want to go. It needs a lot of work. One of the worst spots is the sink. I can't stand it. With my dream in mind, I checked out some options. After all, it's fun to shop from your computer. One of the things I found were some stainless steel sinks that intrigued me. I don't have stainless steel anything right now, but everything today seems to have that sleek, shiny feel to it.

I looked around that site, called Sinks USA, to see what they had to offer. I actually got some ideas about what I might want for my kitchen if I ever get to re-do it. They had a lot of double sink options, with either equal compartments or a combination that included a bigger sink with a smaller one, either on the right or left side. It just had me doing a lot of thinking about what I want for my sink. I've always just had one, big sink, so I'm not sure what's best. I noticed they had some accessories for stainless steel sinks at the website, too.

Here's a good thing, too -- free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. Now that I definitely like!

Laundry Blues

This was a laundry weekend. Ugh, such drudgery that we must all endure. Of course, I scared myself when I walked into the garage and saw water under the sink and all around. I've had plumbing problems before, and I just cringed thinking that I had another leak or something. I remember all too well the huge mess I had when my water heater died a couple of years ago. Fortunately, it was something stupid on my part in that I just forgot to make sure the lint trap was properly set, so that backed things up, so to speak.

Personally, I hope none of us need emergency plumbers, but if you're in the Los Angeles area and need help with pipe repair, clogged drains, water heaters, faucet repair, and more, check out this site, Los Angeles Plumber, for information on Overland Plumbing. They perform both residential and commercial work, and they do both repairs and installation. It's a bi-lingual business (English and Spanish) that does 24-hour emergency service, too. They're a family operated business that was established in 1987, and they guarantee their work. Better yet, they are bonded, licensed, and a member of the BBB.

After my past experiences, I always like to keep a few names handy in the case of future need, so you might want to check them out, even if your need isn't immediate.

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