Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Beauty of the Bride

Oh my! I love to look at something pretty and elegant. Recently, I watched a few episodes of Bridezillas over on the WE channel. Women go out of their minds over their weddings. We just want it to be perfect. Anyway, seeing those lovely gowns on the show had been looking around the internet and I came upon a site that has some wonderful gowns at the best bridal prices.

There are a bunch of different designers featured, and some great sales going on, including some free shipping deals. The really neat thing, though, is that when you pick a dress to look at it, just by running the mouse over the picture, you can see a closer look at that part of the dress. At the same time, the original picture stays in place, so you can see the full-length gown at the same time that you review a specific section of the gown. They have different views of each dress, too. That's awesome.

I really had a great time there, looking at dresses and dreaming that big dream. Wedding should be full of great memories and all things beautiful!

Chatty Cathys

There was a time when I was a huge internet chatter. It started back in the days before the world wide web was really out there, back when we more limited access with groups like Prodigy. Chat rooms have continued to thrive over the years. The best part about chat rooms is getting the opportunity to meet others with similar interests or with some other commonality that serves to bring people together. Tonight I came upon bbw chat. It's a place that allows women to chat. They even have video chat rooms. We've come so far and the video element brings another dimension to the chat.

To use the BBW Chat City website, you just need to register. It's free to do so and then you set up your profile, if you like. They do have personals there that members can use to try and connect with others as well.

The advantage of using chat rooms that are focused on a similar situation is that everyone goes in with something in common. It's a starting point, and much of the time, it just takes knowing others are in a similar boat or like the same thing as you to make a connection with others. Be smart, make good decisions, and you just might make some new friends.

It's All About the Top

Good Evening, World!

What a day! It's warming up, but we've had a breeze, so that's helped. Had a lot of shopping to do today, and that's always taxing. Y'all know how that goes. The electric company came by with their annual tree pruning notice. That's something they do every year or two to keep the lines clear. I really need a new tree in the backyard to help shade. Just gotta figure out how to get someone to care for it after it's put in. We can get free trees, which is pretty cool.

Thinking of trees reminds me of roofs. If you're in the Houston area and are in the need of roof repair or replacement, this is a good time to do it. I was reading about a company over at Houston Roofing called Bravo's Roofing and Siding. You can learn about them at the link given. It's a father and son company which is registered with the Better Business Bureau, something that usually indicates a lot of good customer service. I'm always sure to check with the BBB before I hire a contractor.

Another plus is that they offer a two year warranty on all of their work, and though I began talking about roofing, they do other jobs, too, such as siding, carpentry, and painting exteriors.

The website contains information to help consumers know how to choose a reputable roofer and how to make sure you're all talking about the same thing. Bravo states that they make a point of making sure the customer understands exactly what is being discussed. I like that.

So, check them out if you're in the market of new roofing or siding work, or repairs.

Just a lonely rant

Good Morning, America!

Things are their usual, stressful selves. It's getting tougher to sit by and wait for the disability to come through. Tough decisions have to be made, and every day is stress from the time the eyes flutter open until the thoughts are tossed aside enough to go back to sleep. I know I'm not alone in this. It's a good thing I don't do the doctor bit - I'm sure my blood pressure would be through the roof. I really hope someday I can look back at this and laugh, but right now, it's just so tough.

I miss my pest control service. Bugs are congregating outside, having a field day since I put the service on hiatus. Spider webs are everywhere. At least I can't see the critters responsible; that would drive me looney.

I really miss my premier cable services. HBO, Showtime, etc. I grew up on TV, and it's been horrid downgrading. TV's my biggest source of entertainment these days, but I'm afraid my beloved Hallmark Channel is about to be let go. I've held onto it because I watch it so much, but when it comes down to it, cable is a luxury, isn't it? I think this may be the last month for it, though, unless a miracle happens. I'll be down to basic channels for the first time since cable arrived here. It's trivial to many, but for me, it's like a death because of how much I rely on TV.

I miss not being stressed every single day. Sometimes, I wonder how people without a roof over their heads can make it through to another day. I'm blessed with the roof. The problem is, I can't pay the bills and I'm not seeing a way out. The disability thing is just dragging on forever. There's no assurance it'll be approved this time, either. Without it, I'm a goner, and if it doesn't come through very fast, I'm a goner anyway. It's been two months since the appeal was entered.

How are those of you in even worst spots getting through? It boggles my mind when I think about how determined some of you are to make it through. I think I'm just not as strong as folks, like my friend Carli who battles through all kinds of things and still keeps on going somehow. I get by by doing a Scarlet O'Hara -- trying not to think about it, and yet I can't stop thinking about it. Day after day, I worry.

How nice would it be to have some peace of mind again, to go back in time to when I worked at a place where everyone hated one another but when I made an income that allowed me to be free. Those were the days. Better yet, to live childhood over when it was Mom and Dad footing the bill and I was just the spoiled brat who didn't have to worry about it. Now those were really the days.

I miss being able to spend my time walking my dogs, which I can't really do anymore anyway, and toiling over my fan fic. I feel guilty now unless I'm just glued to my computer, doing odd little jobs and trying to pay the bills. It takes so much effort for such small amounts, but it's all I've got, and I need to keep doing it. I shouldn't even be here, ranting about my woes. There are pennies to be earned, so I suppose I should get back to it.

The ranting lament is over. I promise the next post will be more positive. It's just it's all being kept inside, and I'm getting very, very scared about tomorrow.

Onward in the hopes stress stresses itself out and goes away. That would be a nice miracle.

Car Check Up

It just dawned on me that I still haven't taken my car in for its usual check up. It's something I like to do as much as possible since I rely so much on this vehicle and need it to survive for many years to come. I was thinking about it because the weather is heating up again, as I've talked about a lot recently.

I remember last year when my auto's air conditioning went out. It was right in the middle of a scorcher of a season. I don't recall if I talked about it on the blog, but I mentioned it to friends. It was just horrible. Leaving the windows down was of no help, the hot wind just blazing by and infiltrating my car. I was sweaty by the time I got to work, and it made going anywhere a miserable experience. I kept wishing it was a fuse, but it was more involved. Thankfully, though, it wasn't too hard to fix, and then I was back in my nice, comfy, cool automobile. Boy, was that a relief!

It's so important to make sure the equipment is maintained and in good running order, especially the A/C compressor, and don't forget the coolant, either!

If you're in need of an A/C compressor or other parts to keep your auto air conditioning in tip top shape, visit the link. They provide free shipping and a warranty on every part they sell, and that's exciting in and of itself.

Stay cool!

This Site is a Hoot

I found the neatest website for mommies and daddies, and for anyone involved in childcare, be it nephews and nieces, or any other connection. Okay, technically, it's for parents, but quite honestly, I believe most anyone who has kid responsibility can make use of it. There's a lot to learn, and there's humor there to boot!

I'm going to start with the humor. Raising kids is a serious business, but we all have to laugh to survive. This parents site has a section called Momfinitions that had me in stitches. Boy, could I identify with some of those big time. You *have* to go by and read those.

On the serious side, there's lots of help there. I honed in on a new task they're doing about getting children to sleep through the night. It's a 30-day project that requires some commitment. I found it intriguing, and I liked their approach.

The site is called Parents Connect, and I love it. I'll be visiting it more, to learn and to laugh.

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