Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ugh, the Heat is Coming!

Spring is here and summer is approaching, and that means I'm already thinking about how to deal with the heat that permeates through the back of the house where most of the living is done, so to speak. Years ago, a giant oak had to be cut down, and since then this part of the house just gets so ridiculously hot. There's nothing to shield it.

Fortunately, things have happened to help the situation. Friends helped me to get some really good sun screens, and they have done their job. More importantly, they also helped me to get modern windows in that area of the house. That's been a really big difference.

Still, it gets very hot in that part of the house, so I keep looking at options. We considered another tree, but with a pool, trees tend to have shedding leaves, and the small trees blossom and I don't want more bugs and bees in our yard.

Could awnings be the answer? Perhaps an Evergreen (but it would block the view)? How about something like vinyl shutters? Would they help at all? I just really need something that will block the sun from beating down on those windows.

Sadly, I have that financial issue and can't afford to really do anything, but I keep hoping I'll find a solution that doesn't cost much. I'm so not looking forward to those high temps.

Suggestions welcome!
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