Friday, January 1, 2010

Have Old Crayons? Need Crayons for Your School?

First of all, happy new year, folks! I hope it's a good and peaceful one for all of us.

Second, I found the neatest website today. It's a place where you can send old crayons. They melt them down and make new colors. It's really exciting from what I've read. So, I want to start the new year by passing the information about Crazy Crayons on and urge you to take a look.

There's a notice on the website that they have an abundance of good crayons that have been donated that don't need to be melted down. They want to give these to schools, shelters, or any 'caring organization'.

I haven't actually dealt with the organization, but I stumbled upon it doing research for my fan fic. It looks worthwhile, so if you have old crayons or need some, give them a look.
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