Monday, October 11, 2010

Dreams of all Kinds

It's been a long day, and I have to say that I killed my back and legs by trying to do too much. Ouch! It's enough to convince me to go to bed early and hope that all is better on the morrow.

Hey, when I was coming home from running an errand today I saw someone loading up their RV. I don't know these folks, but I have seen this RV several times over the last few years. How cool would that be to just be able to travel across the USA in an RV?

I'm a big NASCAR fan and a lot of the commentators are apparently big fans of this traveling style as well because they talk about it quite a bit. I do notice ads a lot about RVs and I often think about how neat that would be.

Dreams! They are sweet things, and I have plenty of them. In fact, slumberland dreams are calling me now!

Catching up with the world

There is also so much else going on in the world right now. I am so excited that the miners in Chile should be freed by the end of the week. Is that a miracle, or what? I truly believe that prayers around the world were a factor in the success here. They aren't safe yet by any means, but it's a good deal.

In California, there was the case of a stranger abduction of a little girl. They issued an Amber alert but couldn't post on the freeways because they didn't have a license number. They did, however, have a description of the abductor's truck, and the media aired this story repeatedly.

As a result, a man recognized the truck and saw the little girl inside. He bravely tried to stop the truck and did so until the abductor did stop and pushed the little girl out before speeding off. What a hero! He probably saved that little girl from death. It makes me shiver.

For me, this is insurance season, too. That means it's time to re-up on my automobile and homeowners insurance, as well as my road travel.

Also on a personal front, the dogs are great and continue to give me such joy. I just couldn't imagine life without such unconditional love and joy. My fan fic writing also continues. In fact, I just published a long anniversary story for the main characters.

So, all in all, things are going in the right direction.

Until later, stay safe and I hope you'll come back for more later.

Back for a New TV Season

Welcome to a new TV season, everyone! As Fall has begun to settle in, I've been away. No, not on vacation but I was sick, sick, sick for over two weeks and then I had days of internet problems and a potential router/modem issue. Sheez, none of that was fun!

I've had several new shows that I've been interested in -- Hawaii 5-0, Outlaw, and even The Defenders. The thing with these last two shows is that they have some great court moments, but the little personal issues that surround the real drama are distracting and unnecessary. If they can find a balance, both shows could be keepers.

With my weird schedule of late, I've also spent more time watching shows on the internet. It's not just Hulu that has TV opportunities, but other sites like TV Online as well. Sometimes I'd rather go these sites than watch new shows, especially when you look at what some of the new comedies are. They just don't work for me.

I am admittedly very traditional, and I like having safe TV options, shows to watch for the whole family. We need more of these for sure.

By the way, Outlaw, which stars Jimmy Smits, is on the verge of cancellation, so give it a shot before NBC pulls the plug on it. They are watching the ratings for the next month and will make a decision based on that.
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