Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Electrical Plug

Minneapolis Electrician will take you to a place where you can learn about Haro Electric Solutions, a customer-focused company that specializes in electric services, wiring, lights, circuit breakers, and so much more. They offer the best materials at the most competitive prices, putting customer satisfaction above all else. They really do want you to be happy with their work. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Haro Electric Solutions is a BBB accredited business, and that always signifies a company that cares and backs its work. They care about being their best, and they want to be your first choice for all your electrical needs.

This company does both residential and commercial work, offering free estimates for the homeowner and the business corporation in need of their quality services.

It's so important to keep your wiring and electrical systems up to date and free of decay. Haro Electric Services are upgrade experts and know how to meet code and city requirements for Minneapolis.

With summer here, this is a good time to think about adding ceiling fans to your home. It's even a good time to make sure your lighting and circuits are in tip-top shape. Winter comes fast, after all!

Robert and Holly

So, I'm finding myself watching General Hospital again, but only for a couple of weeks. There's this whole thing about Ethan and who his mom and pop are. Most think Holly is the mom, and the real question is dad. Is it Luke? Or could it be Robert? I want it to be Robert, because I'm a huge Robert and Holly fan.

Here's why that won't happen and why I'm wasting my time watching for the big reveal. Well, okay, it's not a total waste. Emma Samms is one of my favorite celebrities. She's a sweetheart, and I've always liked her, so taking in her short comeback is really nice, even with the new hairdo. Anywho, it won't be Robert's because in real life, Emma and Tristan Rogers had a relationship that was very strong, but Emma ended it, and Tristan never really got over it. They rarely appear on GH together. I think it's hard, and that's understandable, even with all the years that have gone by and the other relationships/marriages each has had.

Still, in my heart, Robert and Holly are still together, living happily ever after in Australia, which is how their characters were written out when both left the show about the same time. Everything since then is just an alternate reality!

Romantic Delight

I have really fond memories of my trip to Vermont. It was incredible and totally awesome. It's the perfect spot for a family vacation, and you can find that out for herself by clicking this link: Family vacation Vermont

Stowe, Vermont is just lovely. It's a perfect spring-time getaway, with lush greenery all around, or it's the ideal winter ski outing, with blankets of white powdery snow to play in and on.

It's a very romantic and picturesque area, making it great for couples just starting out. Vermont is known for its fall foliage with multi-color views sprouting everywhere.

Vermont weddings give forever memories that will tingle your heart and warm your soul. The beautiful and refreshing locale offers a variety of Vermont honeymoon packages to fulfill your dreams, too.

When not enjoying the shops and restaurants, you can relax in your comfortable guest room, suite, or townhouse. These are unique and classic accommodations to make your visit its very best, and with 107 different rooms available, there's something for everyone. There are terrific pleasures to be enjoyed, such as afternoon tea and cookies and has health club, complete with soothing jacuzzi. You can even get a massage, if you like.

I'll never forget my time in Vermont. You won't either!

A Surprising Idol

Surprising, yes, but a shocker? NO! American Idol loves to shock. Fans are unpredictable, and that says it all. Tonight, the dark horse, Kris Allen, was dubbed the American Idol, and no one was more surprised than the humble Allen himself. I like the guy. Most thought Adam Lambert was the shoe-in. Last year, they thought the same about David Archuleta. America loves to surprise. Like Archuleta, though, Lambert doesn't need the Idol title. He is a star.

What I love about Kris Allen is that he never changed. He did this his way, with faith and honesty. He bucked the system, and he won the big prize.

No tears for Lambert. He'll be signed by morning. Danny Gokey shined, too. I'll be very surprised if most of the season 8 performers don't go on to success. They were the most talented cast of the entire series.

I Love Quality

Now this is great. Here's an auto network in Southern California that guarantees their repairs for life. I want that big time! When clicking this link -- auto body Corona -- you'll be taken to a site that includes auto repair companies which take pride in being the best in class of collision repair experts. Its entire foundation is based on quality, excellence, trust, commitment, care, and competence. Those are lofty goals. The shops in the network are all insurance company approved. Going to the site can connect you with more information on the shop you need, such as the one in Corona. You can even request a contact and get a free estimate! It's pretty impressive!

California's State of Affairs

I have to say I was quite happy to read that the Commission voted today to cut state lawmakers' pay by 10%. It's about time these guys paid some of the price along with the rest of us!

Fishies, Take Me Away

Are you looking to buy saltwater fish? Then click on the link to find all your fish-shopping needs. This website has a large assortment available for you to peruse and add to your collection.

One of the nicest and most calming things in the world is to enjoy a collection of colorful and exotic fish, swimming around in your aquarium. We're transported to their world, leaving our troubles behind. It's tranquil and fun, too. This merchant has a 14-day live guarantee for their fish and will ship them overnight UPS to points within the United States, making it easy for you to be taken away to the fish world in a single day.

Both its physical store in Los Angeles and its online website also carries live coral, live rock, and dry goods. Everything you need, you can find here.

It's not just the exotic fish that are available, but you can find saltwater fish for under $20 as well.

They also ha
ve tips and advice available for free through their newsletter that you can subscribe to, and if you want to surprise a friend or family member and let them choose, gift certificates are available.

Fish are fun, and they can easily be yours through this inviting website.

The Swayze Family

This is the Brian Braff photo that was released yesterday after all of those premature death reports of Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi. It was taken on May 13 at their ranch in New Mexico. He's still smiling. Granted, he's very thin, but he's doing great. We love you, Patrick!

Where's the Breeze?

I cannot survive the heat. I'd strike out as a pioneer, big time. I need air -- cool, fresh, heat-reducing air! Therefore, I *have* to have good air conditioning. Aircon247 is a great site that offers all kinds of air conditioning, air cooling, and storage heating. Even cooler, they sell both in the UK and internationally, so America and other countries can take advantage of their large selection. In fact, they have the largest choice of systems on the web. Another plus: free shipping to those in the UK. You can't beat that! Keep those cool breezes coming, and check out Aircon247.

No More Taxes

California rebelled yesterday and vetoed all the proposed taxes that were supposed to help balance the budget. Amen to that! Taxing folks who are already taxed to the hilt, not to mention unemployed and struggling, isn't the way to solve the budget crisis. What they did pass, though, was the one proposition that will prevent the legislature from getting their pay increases and the like while the budget goes unfixed. Way to go, Golden State! Fight back!

And yippee! The judges' fix didn't work, and Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars! I screamed I was so happy! Way to go, Shawn!

Up on the Rooftop

Are you looking for a Phoenix roofer to take care of your roof? Then click on the link and get in touch with Phoenix Roofing, a two-year old business that provides its customers with terrific pricing and the the best of service.

Finding a quality contractor isn't always easy, but it's a must when tending to your roof. While Phoenix is known for all that hot weather, it doesn't preclude roofs from suffering from water leaks that can lead to nasty damage. Keep the value of your home growing and don't let lack of care decrease its worth.

When you go to website, you can fill out a super quick contact request, providing your name, email, and phone number. When you do, Phoenix Roofing will give you a call to discuss your needs. If you'd rather contact them directly, their phone number is listed and you can call at your convenience.

Once you get in touch with Phoenix Roofing, arrange to get together to discuss your project in more detail and preferably to see your home or business or then provide you with a free estimate. If you're not sure exactly how to go about this process, the website actually gives you some suggestions on a procedure to follow to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the contractor you employ.

Your roof is serious business, so keep it in shape and contact Phoenix Roofing today!

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