Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Positive Encouragement

How do you engage a child in the quest to do better? Many believe in the reward system. It sets a goal for the child and then gives them praise in the form of something tangible -- a reward. It's important that children be able to visibly see their progress, and you can do this with reward charts.

Reward charts can monitor physical and mental tasks and behaviors. Perhaps it's a chore, like making their bed every day, or a behavioral issue, like not whining during dinner for a week. The subjects covered by the chart are totally at the discretion of the parent. In fact, the type of chart is also up to the parent. Be it simple or elaborate, a basic computer printout of goals or a fancier laminate chart available in stores, the important thing is just to have the chart.

Visual checkmarks show the child how far they've come. They can see how close they are to achieving the agreed-upon reward. The parent needs to make sure they follow through with the reward immediately upon the completion of the task, too. A child needs that positive reinforcement as soon as they see that final checkmark entered on the chart. It loses its punch if the reward comes two weeks later.

For children, a reward chart is a way to teach accountability. They learn and have fun with their rewards, and ultimately, the parent is rewarded as well by having a more pleasant parenting experience.

A Place for Mom *or* Dad

I'm back again to let single parents know that there's a place where they can get together and chat, too. Chat rooms are a unique way of taking a breather from the being around the kids, or maybe you need some help. Maybe another single parent will have suggestions that can help you solve a problem. Maybe you just need to talk with someone who isn't three years old.

Chat rooms have been around since the beginning of the internet. They are a proven place to come together, especially if there is some bond or some factor that unites those looking for online companionship or just someone to lend an ear. These rooms are places where you can talk about subjects you have in common, even if it's to whine about your bad day.

The chat room I'm referring to today caters to single parent chat and it is totally free of charge. You can't beat that price. There's just a quick registration form to complete before you can sign in and find the single parent chat room that fits you. If you're into webcams and video chat rooms, those are available, too. A lot of people like the convenience of communicating in video rooms these days. Check it out!

Love or Hate It -- Talk About It!

Here's a way to really let others know if that new hip hop CD is really all the rage, or if that newest Nic Cage movie is worth the money. If you like to talk about Movies, this place is for you. Rat on Tom Cruise's performance or talk about Anne Hathaway's beauty. Was the plot worth your time, or did you wish you were at home playing video games?

Do you like to write or read Rock Music Reviews? Wouldn't it be great to know how your peers felt about Aerosmith's latest or if Cold Play kept it awesome with their newest song?

Click on the links and you'll be able to do all of that and more. It's a community where you can love or hate the latest media and are free to let the world know. Share your movie or music reviews and see if others agree with you or not.

We all love to share our opinions and to say how we feel about movies and music that touch our souls or leave us cringing and looking for the barf bag. Sometimes, it feels so incredibly good just to be able to say, 'Wow, what a stinker', or to bubble over with, 'Wow, this was the bomb, Baby!'.

Go ahead! Try It! You've gotta like it!

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