Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Your Blog Noticed

As I've maintained Orry's Orations, I've struggled with ways to make it better and to attract more visitors. Being read and seen is important. Otherwise, myself and others like me would be essentially writing to ourselves.

One of the ways that bloggers try to spread the word is with blog rolls and other similar blog-type sharing links with other bloggers, but I've just found out about a neat site that will do even more promoting our blogs, and it's free. The site is called My Blog Directory.

At My Blog Directory, you can simply add your blog to the appropriate category, or you can try to become their Blog of the Day. When you're the blog of the day, your blog appears on their home page. That's bound to bring in traffic! The blog of the day is based on unique visitors sent by the blog per day. Also, blogs are listed randomly, so each time you refresh, you see different blogs.

It sounds like a site with lots of potential, and I'm definitely going to try it out for myself.

Tough Times and a Way to Make it Better

Just about everyone who reads my blog knows I'm fighting to survive in these tough economical times. I'm having to do all kinds of creative and inventive things just to pay the bills, and yet, I consider myself lucky. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I also have a lot of good friends, angels I call them, who have kept me from sinking into the abyss.

I find myself wondering how we're going to get out of this low place we've found ourselves in. Then I remember something I've heard my whole life -- support American made products. It's nothing against the rest of the world, but right now, America is struggling, so doesn't it make sense to support our own businesses, at least until we get back on our feet? If we don't help ourselves, we won't be able to help anyone else.

While surfing the web, I learned about a company that is extremely patriotic. The company is called American Button Machines. They do more than just wave the flag. It's an American-based business with American employees and a product that is produced only in the United States.

This company makes buttons, and boy do they have a lot of buttons available. We all love buttons! They aren't just for elections and conventions, but for all kinds of celebrations, marketing events, and even for showing your support of your favorite celebrity. I highly suspect we'll be seeing buttons of the new First Dog, Bo, very soon. If you need buttons for your business or just for a special event, you might want to check out this company's website.

American Button Machines has a great button machine blog, too, that gives tips and helps folks to make their own buttons. It sounds like a lot of a fun and a good site to check out. After all, if you feel like you need to support America, like you need to do something to help us in the long way, supporting a U.S. business like American Button Machines would be a solid way of doing so.

April Scents

Here it is, halfway through April. I've been fighting computer problems with a frustrating mouse, but I just had to get online and take care of some business, and I decided to make a post while I was here.

For the first time this spring, I've had my doors open, and that's brought in some scents of the spring, and that got me thinking about perfume. Hey, it's not a stretch! I love a perfume that reminds me of good things, that is pleasing but not overpowering. I tend to love florals with a whiff of roses. Maybe that makes me traditional, which is okay, because I am. ;} I've been experimenting with a lot of perfumes over the past year, and I've discovered some lovely favorites, such as Nina from Nina Ricci. My all time favorite, though, is still Elizabeth Taylor's Passion. I've gotten more compliments over the years on that one perfume than any other. It makes me feel good and it lasts. I really adore it.

Trying new perfumes is exciting. You never know what new personal treasure you might find in yourself with a new scent that's come out, or maybe even in an old standby that you've seen but never used. I also enjoy finding out what others think about the scents of the year. I'd like to recommend a site called Talk Perfume where you can learn more about what's available these days. I consider perfumes a delightful treat. This site is a growing place that can help to educate on the current perfume market. Drop on by and see what scents you might discover.

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