Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plays and Parts

Welcome to a very hot blog. Well, it's hot where I'm writing it from. Our comfortable spring weather has finally turned hot, low to mid-nineties. I want my spring back. Have I whined about that before? Probably.

I watched a show that featured Broadway play excerpts, all scenes that had been part of the Tony Awards. I saw some really fine performances. Art Carney was in one presentation, and I was really impressed by what he'd done.

I've also been some time looking around for some things for my car. Car parts are admittedly not my expertise, but there are some pieces I need to spruce up and keep my car in one piece. It's not easy to find seatbelt buckles and roof liner, especially when you aren't sure exactly how to buy it. At least I can research on the internet and learn a lot about it in advance of purchasing. Pricing is so important, too. There are certainly some great deals on the internet.

That was pretty much my day -- plays and parts, and heat, too!

Have a great morrow!

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