Saturday, December 11, 2010


Oh my aching back. It's probably a combination of having osteoarthritis and having too much poundage, but no matter why, I hate it when my back aches. Actually, I hate it when anything aches.

I've never done any kind of chiropractic activity, though friends of mine have. I guess the closest I've come to anything like that was a massage at work. Everyone got them as a reward for a job well done one year.

Any time there is something that needs rehabilitating, serious thought should be given to how it's done, rather someone chooses to go to a professional or just hops into a hot tub. Sometimes we do more harm to ourselves than we realize.

At any rate, moving slow and steady works for mild cases, too.

Speaking of moving, I think I'll be moving on over to the bed. It's late, and I'm tired.

Sleep well!

Dreary Day But An Okay Day, Too

It's been a pleasant and calm Saturday around here. It was actually a little bleary outside, but inside, the holiday movies were playing pretty much all day, with an exception or two.

One of those was watching Powder Blue, a movie I'd never watched before, but since Patrick Swayze was in it, I knew that sooner or later, I'd have to watch. Let's just say it's not his finest movie, but I do understand why he participated in the project. His widow, Lisa, was one of four people honored this week at an AARP function. All are active in some medical concern or another. She was in good company as the other 3 were Tony Danza, Henry Winkler, and Joy Behar.

That's about it for now. I'm off to watch more TV and surf the net some more.

Shanks: Pro at Dying

I just had to write a short post on this because I thought it was sensational. If you haven't yet watched Smallville's show from last night called Icarus, it's an absolute must. It's not just that Lois and Clark finally became engaged, but it was Michael Shanks' final portrayal as Hawkman, known as Carter Hall in day to day life.

Shanks best known role is that of Daniel Jackson, archaeologist on Stargate SG-1. Daniel died, didn't die, died, oops, not dead, died, ascended, nope, he's back, died ... well, you get the idea. His 'death' happened so often it became a joke to many.

Well, last night Carter Hall in full Hawkman attire moved on, so to speak, and in doing so he uttered the absolute best line: "I'm a pro at dying." Now come on, any SG-1 fan had to do what I did -- laugh, and laugh hard. It made what happened to Carter so much easier to deal with. This is science fiction: Hawkman will be back.

I just really want to know if Shanks or any member of the Smallville cast didn't have some fun with that line. The beneath the surface meaning of it was just a hoot.

Fess up -- didn't you laugh?
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