Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bit of This and That

It's a NASCAR day around here. I've been watching a lot of the practices and qualifying. My favorite had a bad day, though. Better today than during the race.

Did you see the news about the Social Security double numbers? If not, I'd advise checking it out. It seems there's a big problem with double numbers, and it's not all just because of identity theft either. Check it out.

Another article worth a read for those in a pinch today is over at the American Residential Law Group website. Times are still so tough out there. People need help.

Speaking of homes, I attempted to spray paint cabinets today for the first time in decades. They aren't bad except I forgot to put something on the floor so now my vinyl flooring is a painted vinyl. I wonder if that comes off?

The temperatures are warming up, and that's bad news.

Have a great Friday folks!
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