Monday, November 8, 2010

Dermatitis Update

My contact dermatitis is better, but still there. I can't describe to everyone just how nasty this has been. My right hand especially has been effected. It ballooned so much. I was so scared I went to urgent care, even though I don't have any health insurance. Fortunately, the medication has taken the swelling down significantly.

For a while, I couldn't even type. The hand is still bigger, but I can make a fist again and type much easier than for the last couple of weeks. It's still a bit red. I actually called the facility today to check with them about it. They say it's normal and to keep monitoring, so as long as it's getting better, that's good. If it doesn't get back to normal in another week or so, I may have to go back.

Insurance is such a hot topic again now, especially after the recent elections. I'm not sure anyone knows what will happen.

Of course, along with health insurance, we have auto, home, life, boat, umbrellas ... wow, the list goes on. Every where we turn there is a place to check out.

I used to work in insurance so I know all about the peace of mind that comes with it and the reasons for having it. Still, sometimes it isn't easy to get and even if you can, there's a price tag.

That's it for this post. Keep on the look out for more. I'm in a typing mood after having been contained for a couple of weeks with that swollen hand!

Question about Window Coverings

I'm really curious about something and I haven't had time to research it, so maybe someone knows the answer. For years, I've been dealing with a super hot portion of my house. Most of my readers know about the turmoil that has presented. Well, slowly, I've done things to help it get to a tolerable level. Actually, this summer I purchased a whole house fan and that thing is terrific!

Still, I know there is more I can do, but my question is about shutters and other window coverings. I know that shutters and blinds etc. are made to keep out light. The room darkening ones help keep the sun's rays out, but are any of these made to repel the heat at all? I'm just curious if there is something out there that I could put up that might make my situation even better.

Summer is over, of course, but it'll be back soon enough, so it's never a wrong time to think about this.

If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.

Falling back and time

I'm back for more ramblings!

My mother loved grandfather clocks and she always wanted one. Unfortunately, we never were able to get one, but I think they are cool, too.

I recall an episode of The Twilight Zone with Ed Wynn that featured one, and that intrigued me. NASCAR has a race that gives away a grandfather clock for winning, too. That's at Martinsville.

Who knows what the future holds. In the meantime, I can surf around and 'cyber' shop.

Speaking of time, did everyone remember to fall back an hour with their clocks over the weekend? I've known people to forget for days. Actually, I still have two clocks to change. Time. It all takes time!

From NASCAR to Surfing

It's been an eventful couple of days. I was really surprised by the NASCAR Texas race on Sunday. It was full of surprises and excitement, only a lot of was off the track, like Kyle Busch giving the NASCAR officials the finger and Jeff Gordon pushing back Jeff Burton after crashing out.

On another topic, anyone watching Dr. Phil? I'm beginning to question the topics of the shows. I just feel like there's been a lot of 'drama' without resolution. It almost seems like it's becoming a soap opera.

Have a great day and I'll chat with you again soon!
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