Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whitman Buys Primary

Now we know how much it takes to buy a California primary -- $71 million. Actually, it was $90 million, but the $71 mil was how much Meg Whitman used of her own money to buy voters. It's sad to think that money and negative advertising could buy votes, but it did.

She's prepared to spend another $150 million to beat Democratic candidate Jerry Brown. Brown once was the governor of the golden state. I didn't always agree with everything he did, but I liked his uniqueness and how he pushed away the perks of the job. Whitman doesn't have the guts to do that, but I'm sure she'd hire someone to pretend to be her and do so, if she could get away with it.

Brown isn't going to spend $150 million to win the election. He's off the map to an extent so I don't know if he has the backing to get another shot at the office.

Well, at least we learned what it cost to buy a state.

Tuesday Ramblings

Good morning, campers. Just a few ramblings before I open the windows to let some of that cool air in to circulate before the dang heat rises to spoil the fun.

I don't watch General Hospital very often anymore, but I just read that Vanessa Marcil is returning indefinitely soon. She played Brenda. Apparently, Maurice Benard has been advocating her return for a while, too. She's said to be right in the middle of all that goes on with Sonny, Jax, and Jason, and she's got a secret. D'oh! Like that's new.

I just don't get parents who think their kids are toys. Some crazy mom left a young kid to take care of an even younger sibling in heat that reached 100 degrees in the car. Frankly, she should lose her kids. This isn't news people. Kids are a precious commodity. Treasure them before they're taken away from you, one way or the other.

The auditions for So You Think You Can Dance have been pretty entertaining. The one thing I'm looking forward to when they get to the top 20 is no more screaming by Mary Murphy. I honestly think that did her in. What was a fun gimmick a couple of times way back when developed into an obnoxious habit.

The dogs are having a great time running around in this good weather. The squirrels love taunting them, too.

For those who have hopped in here, thanks for reading.
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