Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beyonce - Talent and Shame

Let me admit up front that I'm old fashioned. I like people who have taste, who respect values and morals. Beyonce Knowles is one of the greatest talents on the music scene today. With Destiny's Child, she had some incredible hits and then she went solo. She can act, and she is absolutely hands on with every movement and beat of her performance. She works hard, and make no mistake, she is the woman in charge of each dance step, gesture, and note played by her musicians.

This is why I don't get it. She starts out with such a dynamic entrance for her number of the Grammy's. Her powerful voice is belting it out, and I'm focused on what I believe will be a 'wow' performance. Then she makes a gesture that lasts several seconds to punctuate her song, and it just turns me off big time.

There was no need for that crude move. She put herself on the level of Roseanne Barr. It disgusted me, and it lowered my respect for her.

As nice and generous as I've heard Beyonce is, I also hear that she is quite the diva, with a demand list that is ridiculous. A demand list is what she insists be present when she does an appearance. I also recall a couple years back she backed out of a tour overseas because the government simply asked her to dress more appropriately. The woman couldn't keep her clothes on for a couple of hours so she could bring her music to those people. That went down the wrong way for me, too.

I guess I'm just very confused over Beyonce. Maybe she's a generous diva and a crude talent. I just can't like her the way I would if she had more class in her performance and decisions.
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