Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Joy of Mail

From the time I was a young child, I always loved getting mail. In fact, I was part of the pen pal craze that captured readers of so-called teen idol magazines. There was a point in time when I had over 150 pen pals. Boy, am I glad I wasn't the one paying the postage bill. It was fun, though, and so educational. I actually stayed in touch with the first person I ever wrote to for many years and with the person who first wrote to me. We even met and even after disconnecting found each other online a couple of times as much more mature adults.

So, mail is a fun thing, especially during the holidays. I have always enjoyed sending cards for just about every special day in the book. It's a feel good thing. Christmas cards were a must, especially unique ones and sometimes those that were even personalized in some way.

Sadly, with my economic demise in recent years, I had to stop using the postal service for fun mail like cards. It appears I'm not alone in that, either, but even so, there's nothing quite like holding a card in your hand that you weren't expecting and smiling at that special hello from a friend.
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