Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze, Gone from the Earth but Living in Heaven

Patrick Swayze died today, and my heart is deeply saddened. I've been a huge fan of the man's since 1993 when I gravitated towards him after the death of my father. For the last two years, Patrick has been battling Pancreatic Cancer. He beat many odds by going on after his diagnosis to complete one season of The Beast on A&E and to still be here, almost two full years later.

I was fortunate to meet Patrick a few times. I can feel his arms around me in a tender hug, and the touch of his lips in a fan-friendly kiss. I can see his inviting smile and hear his hearty laugh. I see him pulling up his pants leg to show off a scar from when he almost died filming Letters From a Killer, and I feel his happiness at having completed a multi-decades project of Without a Word, filmed as One Last Dance.

His wife, Lisa, is an equal joy, and I know she is in heartache right now, having lost her soulmate in life. However, in a bit of Ghost-philosophy, I can't imagine Patrick ever leaving her side. He'll be her forever, and in his own way, with all of us who loved and treasured him.

He was a wonderful man, kind and compassionate. He wasn't perfect; he was a human being, but he tried to be his best and he cared about this planet.

Please pause and take a moment to remember Patrick and pray for Lisa and the rest of his family, that they can find peace in his mortal loss.

As a request, if you have articles and reports that you see in your local newspaper or in any papers or magazines tomorrow and in the future, I would appreciate receiving them. You can provide feedback here and I can send my address.

You are missed, Patrick, but now you're free of pain and you're with your beloved father again, and your dear sister. I take solace that and in knowing that you are watching over Lisa even as you left the Earth. Take care and pave the road for us all in Heaven.

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