Saturday, June 21, 2008


Good Evening!

It's been a long day. I had a garage sale and am exhausted. It really wasn't that successful, either, so I'm a bit disappointed. On the bright side, I did get rid of some of the junk in the garage and made a few needed dollars.

I added links to two of my favorite online places to shop -- and Please consider purchasing through this links.

Good news from yesterday. I received my first check from CashCrate, which was the first GPT site I went to. It's a very professional looking site and snags a lot of first time users.

The site has several pages of offers. In my experience, I rifled through many of these offers in two or three days. I was eager to earn the cash! At first, I had a lot of success, with many offers going through and being verified. It hooked me for sure. Then things slowed down, and I headed over to their forum for the first time.

I quickly learned that they don't like any negativity, probing questions, controversy, or just anything that didn't match their happy place. In reality, I think they are very concerned with not offending their advertisers. I made a few posts, and three of them were deleted. They weren't harsh posts, but were just asking questions about offers not verifying and what not.

On the forum, they do have folks who offer support, but mostly it's in secret. Again, they seem to be very concerned with upsetting the sponsors who pay the tab.

In addition to offers, I also have done a few of their trials. Those always seem to verify quickly for me.

So, I still recommend CashCrate as a source for some quick and early verifications. A weekend there will get you a lot of quick cash. I was thrilled to get that first check yesterday, and I'll be getting another one next month. After that, I'm not sure. They don't add much at CashCrate. Since I joined, I believe I've seen maybe ten new offers, fifteen tops.

Join CashCrate and get your feet wet. Don't waste time in the forum. Keep the site as one of your backups.

Then hop on over to GPTCashcow, which is the absolute best of the GPT sites. With a friendly and open forum and offers added frequently, it's the place to be!


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