Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money, SG-1, Bugs, and whatnot

Happy June Evening!

Happy feet here! I just received my $50 bonus check from GPTCashcow. This was from a special contest to see who could get the most milkshakes in a fifteen-day period. Woo-hoo! Love the extra! What a great way to earn cash. Reagan, the admin, continues to add contests and share the rewards from her site. Check it out, folks! It doesn't take long to achieve some extra cash! I can't wait for my regular check next month. That'll be exciting!

Sitting here watching "Stargate SG-1", an episode called "Birthright." Michael Shanks shines in this one, and he and Richard Dean Anderson are just so funny together. There's a great moment with a power bar that I just can't describe on this blog.

Don't forget to check out my ramblings over at Helium (link is on the right side of this page). My pets as family article is still number one in its category when I looked earlier.

Had a bug infestation in my house and had to have pest control come out. It was driving me crazy. I'll bet I killed twenty of these little gnats or whatever they were. Don't know where they came from or where they've been hiding, but I wanted them gone, gone, gone! Put some frontline on Cassie and Tessa (my dogs), too, just to try and help out a bit.

The fires are the big news here in California, and the fires can't be missed. We've had smoky haze for the last few days. They've been telling people to stay inside. I've been fortunate not to feel the effects, but my sister hasn't been so lucky.

Time to get something to eat and settle in for the evening. Actually, gonna hop back over to GPTcashcow and see if I can pick up a few more milkshakes (they convert to fifty cents each, and they do add up). Wish they had chocolate shakes to go, though!

Have a good evening!

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