Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello, World!

I'm still so psyched about how good Patrick looked while heading for Chicago last weekend. When compared with a photo of him at the Lakers game in May, you can really see how much better he looks now. He says he's a miracle man, and I have no doubts about it.

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While watching the news this week, I was left just shaking my head at the way our nation responds to financial distress. A local school district is now going to implement a $180 *per child* fee for busing children to school. For a family with three kids, that's almost $600. Who can afford that these days?

The district says that if the family qualifies for it's lunch program, they will be exempt from the charge and that they'd work with other families who had a hard time. Parents are outraged. The school is too far for their children to walk to it with safety, and these are working people. I am sure there are a lot of middle of the road families out there who don't qualify for the lunch program, but who can't afford $180 to send their kids to school.

What's the solution? The district says it's all budget cuts. I'm sure it is, but where do they expect the average family to come up with this money when gas is $4.50 per gallon?

There is just something incredibly wrong with our system.

On that mind-boggling note, I'm tuning back into "So You Think You Can Dance" to see the dancers do their thing.

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Have a great evening!

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