Saturday, July 26, 2008

This and That

I read the other day that Utah has adopted the four-day work week! There you go! That's a way to help everyone, as long as you don't mind ten-hour workdays. There was a time I wouldn't have minded that, but not right now. I'd much rather work at home!


When I first started trying to find things I could do to earn money on the internet besides GPT sites, a gal told me about two websites. Both have proven valuable to me, so if you are looking for alternatives, check these out.


Cassie's been going nuts the last few nights. Apparently, there's a skunk outside somewhere, and she keeps trying to find it. It was really funny to watch her, moving ever so slowly in search of her prey. No clue where that skunk is hiding, but its out there somewhere!


It's Indy time for NASCAR! Go, Jeffy, go!

Later folks!

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