Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Evening America!

A few ramblings and tidbits from the last few days beginning with I can't believe how idiotic some parents can be. A local news story from a nearby neighborhood yesterday when it was about 103 degrees. This was before noon when it was somewhere between 90 and 100 degrees out. A mother pulls into a supermarket and leaves her two young children, a 4 year old and a baby, in her locked car, windows rolled up. Do you know how hot a car gets inside? This, in addition to the fact that young kids can't adapt to heat like this as quickly as adults do.

Fortunately, the car next to the woman had a man with his children. His wife was inside doing her shopping. When his wife came outside, she immediately noticed the children, and they agreed they should call the police. Apparently, the woman came out before the police arrived because the man got out and stood behind her car so that she couldn't leave.

The police got there shortly thereafter. They asked the woman for her license. Oops, she didn't have one -- outstanding warrants. The woman claimed she was only in the store for 5 minutes to get water and donuts. That is what she got, but the man said it was more like 15 minutes.

The woman was arrested for the warrants and child endangerment. What the heck was she thinking? The man said he was prepared to break open the window if he had to. I just don't understand parents who don't think about what they're doing!

Then there are the intolerant people who only know black and white. I'm on several local Freecycle lists. The other day a parent sent out an email because her child was missing. She didn't provide a lot of detail, but she was very upset. The next thing we get is an ADMIN from the moderator ranting about the post being off topic and out of line. Not only that, she went on about what's next -- lost pets and such.

There was a lot of discussion on the list, arguing the merits. The majority seemed to think it wasn't that much of a sin, but there were a few supporting the ADMIN. Soon enough, the moderator came back again, criticizing the post for not having all the specifics and wondering why there wasn't an Amber Alert and why it had been so long between the child going missing and the email. More discussion.

In the end, the moderator came back with this long diatribe about the list is the list and only for the purpose of the list, that all discussion was to cease or anyone who dared to reply would be put on moderation. She then again launched what I call an attack on the nerve of the parent to send the off topic post to this particular list, adding that the parent told them privately that she just wasn't thinking clearly, etc. Apparently, this moderator has no heart because she just doesn't care. She even launched an attack on the parent for being a bad parent, listing all the things that she would have done to make sure the child wasn't missing in the first place.

I'm a fairly new member, so my post never did make it to the airwaves, deleted by the moderator. I'm going to publish it here. I'm on a lot of lists and some have little tolerance for anything off topic. I understand it, but I also ask, where's the humanity?

It amazes me that this is such an issue for folks. Yes, rules are rules, and guidelines are in place, but what's the big deal people if you get an occasional 'odd' or off topic email from someone in distress? It's not like it's spam where they are trying to sell something. Hit the delete button. May none of us ever be in that state, distressed about our child or pet, but if we are, I challenge anyone to say they wouldn't do everything in their power to help find that child/pet, including bending the rules of a freecycle list. Have a heart, folks, and thank your lucky stars you aren't the ones having to write that 'illegal' email.
Has anyone ever heard of putting Baby Powder on your dog to kill fleas? I just read that one today. It's really weird, but my youngest dog seems to have fleas, but not my oldest. They're only a year apart. There must be something in their genetics. The Frontline didn't seem to do the trick this month for Tessa; she's been scratching a lot, so today I thought I'd try it. I have no clue if it's worked or not. Of course, when Cassie saw me rubbing down Tessa, she insisted on her own rubdown. Equal doggie rights and all.

I also read about spreading salt, of all things, on your carpet, or Borax, which I don't have, so can't use. Salt on the carpet? According to everything I read, it kills the fleas dead, dead, dead. That's a cheap way to rid yourself of the flea problem, if it truly does work.

Finally, Amazon has a new shoe division, and they're having a sale to celebrate! Remember, if you use this link to go to Amazon, I will get a percentage, and that's for anything purchased from clicking on this link.

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