Friday, August 15, 2008


Hot! Hot! Hot! Michael Shanks' appearance on "Burn Notice" last night was just that -- steaming hot! He was great as the crazy bad guy, "Victor". This is a recurring role, and boy am I looking forward to the next episode!
There was the New York accent for a moment, the little Danny Dance, the evil cackle, the snark, and just lots of zany, wonderful moments! I love this bad guy!

I'd never watched "Burn Notice" before. It's a little MacGyver-like, but that's not necessarily a bad thing because I love "MacGyver".

If you missed it, catch one of the reruns! It's a must see! To see more photos of Michael on "Burn Notice", go here.

Happy Birthday to NASCAR's Carl Edwards, driver of the 99 car in Sprint Cup and the number 60 car in the Nationwide series. Carl's a great guy and just loves to race. This year, he's racing for the Sprint Cup championship, too! Today, Carl is a whopping 29 years old. "I've never been this old before," he told a reporter earlier today. That's Carl -- full of humor!

Wow, what's with these new extra innings rules for baseball in the Olympics? You start each half inning with two men on base. Well, I guess that's one way to avoid multiple extra innings.

Congrats to the ladies of the US gymnastics team. Nascia and Shawn did a great job last night as they won gold and silver in the all around competition. Super floor routines wrapped up their evening, and it a lot of fun to watch!

By the way, I had some clarification this week on how I get paid for your votes at Review Stream. The payment qualifies when each review reaches minimum payout, which is essentially 50 votes. So, when an individual review reaches 50, then I can get payout for it. I had thought it was the cumulative total of all reviews, but that's incorrect. Thus, I really could use your help to vote for each of the reviews when you can. The most votes as of yesterday was for the Bayer Aspirin, at 31. My Michael Shanks review had 21 votes. Under the Mistletoe has 18, Crystal Geyser and The Ark of Truth both have 14. Every thing else is less than that.

I'm really needing this income, so please, when you can, vote for reviews. It does have a timer to it, so if you get the 'please take time to read the review' line, just wait another minute and resubmit.

To vote, go to the review page (all my reviews are listed on the right hand column of this blog) and about 2/3rd of the the way down, in the center, you'll see the 'was this review helpful' question. Click the round circle and then hit the 'submit' button. The page will refresh, and you'll see the number of votes increase by one.

Thank you to everyone who helps with this!

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