Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just rambling ...

Good evening, almost morning! It's been a long day because it's so hot. It's only the low to mid nineties, but my house is just burning up. I really need a tree in the backyard to block some of the heat. Even though it's nice outside right now, my house is just hot. 83 degrees where I'm sitting, with two fans on. Outside, it's 67. I know it's bad when the dogs' tongues are hanging out all the time. It's just very stuffy. Part of it is just that this computer creates so much heat. It's horrible, but I have no solution, unfortunately.

I read a little bit more about Patrick and Lisa Swayze going out on the town over the weekend in Chicago. Reportedly, they danced quite a bit. Now that's a good sign!

Just heard that Beijing is worried about terrorist attacks for the Olympics which start tomorrow. I love the Olympics and watch most all of the coverage. It should be a great event, as always, but there are the concerns about the air there and now this terrorist issue. The news said China had missiles ready to go at any unauthorized aircraft. My first thought upon hearing this -- "And they'll use them, too."

Spent the day doing some of the brand new offers over at GPTCashcow. I do love this site, and it's really helped me a lot to pay the bills. Oh, and thanks to the person who joined Vindale Research, per my request a couple of days ago. I appreciate it. I still need 3 people to join so I can cash out by the 15th, which is my goal. Please consider it!

For my fan fic readers, I'm trying to make some progress on the next story, which will pick up with those nasty leftover morsels from "The Wicked Witch of Bloadmoor Bluffs". This one might take a while, though, or not. I just never know!

Also, for those looking for extra money, I've been paid again by Forum Boosters. They pay once a week so that's really nice. This is a great way to make some cash, just chatting on various forums. I've actually learned quite a bit too in the process. It's fun to get paid for posting. Check out the link on the right side of the block if you want to try it!

I'm still trying to sell my office desk set. The eBay buyer flaked out on it, and I've no luck. I actually put it on Craig's List today, and that scares me, simply because you never know who will respond. Still, I'd rather someone bought it than just watching the thing rot. It's such a nice set, in super condition. I keep worrying that it's gonna rain one day out of the blue (which isn't unheard of) and damage the set.

Okie dokie, gonna stretch and play with the dogs for a while. Have a good one!


Nicoyle said...

I love sitting outside underneath the shade, especially when it is about to rain. It's the best breeze ever. I hope that your fans cooled you down some.

You have been tagged. =) So come by my blog to see what it is.

Orrymain said...

Thanks! You know, I'm still figuring this blog business out. I'm tagged? Okay, I believe ya, and that's good, right? :}

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