Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trying to catch up!

Every day I think about what I want to post here, but then stuff happens, and time flies by. I had a scare with my dog, Cassie. She had what appeared to be a horrible seizure last week. My sister believes she might have been choking on something. Whatever it was, it scared me to death. Fortunately, she's been her usual self since that night.

I do believe the girls dug up another mole from beneath the service. A year ago, they came to the door with one. This morning, there was one, dead, on the steps going from the patio to the pool. I noticed yesterday morning that the grass had a nice hole dug in it. I've never had a dog who sniffed moles, but I do believe that my Cassie is a mole detective. Very weird.

I've been seeing commercials on TV for Patrick Swayze's new show, "The Beast". It debuts on A&E in January. He's a fighter, and he's doing great battling pancreatic cancer. You can see the promo here. I sure hope folks are ignoring the trash that the tabloids are putting out. It's disgusting and sick the way they prey on families like the Swayzes.

The elections are over, and I'm ever so glad. Politics are draining. It just seems like it's all one great big hype now. I was glad to see Prop. 2 pass in California. Score one for the animals.

There is so much more to write, but no time. I just wanted to update the blog so readers would know I'm still around. There are some new reviews to be added under the yellow smiley, and I'll try to get those added soon.

Have a great week!

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