Thursday, December 18, 2008

Review Stream, TV to watch, Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone ...

I've written a ton of new reviews over at Review Stream and have included the links for you on the right hand side of this blog, under the big yellow smiley face. I'm doing a lot of Adam-12 reviews right now because I managed to get the DVDs for the first two seasons so am watching the shows anyway.

Also, on the reviews, if you ask a question or comment on the review, that gives me a chance to respond to it, and every time I do so, that ups the number of votes. So, please, ask questions on the reviews or make a comment that would require me to respond. That's another easy way of helping me out.

I'm in a financial crisis so am asking everyone who can to please, please, please vote for these reviews. I know it takes a little time, but I don't get to reap the rewards of the votes until there is '50' of them (vote payments are done in groups of 50). There are a few, like Bayer Aspirin, Michael Shanks, and some others that are getting close. If you want, start with the oldest reviews (Wendy's was the first), and work your way up to the present. Some of the older ones are the closest.

Thanks for your support.

Upcoming shows to watch -- All My Children's salute to Eileen Herlie is on December 19th, and creator Agnes Nixon returns as "Aggie"; Michael Shanks is in the "The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon" beginning December 20th; and on the same night, December 20th, Patrick Swayze is on ABC Family in "Christmas in Wonderland". On January 7th, Patrick's interview with Barbara Walters airs as part of "20/20".

If I don't get back to blog before the 25th, Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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