Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Patrick Tells His Story

Photo by Ron Tom/ABC

Tonight, actually in just a few short hours from now, the interview taped a few weeks ago at Rancho Bizarro, Patrick and Lisa Swayze's Los Angeles ranch, airs on ABC. Barbara Walters conducts the interview, and for the first time, fans are going to hear the truth about Patrick's brave fight and how he's already beaten the initial odds.

This interview will be heart-wrenching. I expect a ton of tears and a lot of Kleenex to be used up. From all indications, he's telling the truth, from the gut. We've already learned from the snippets that Patrick is actually dealing with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, meaning it spread to his liver.

The hour on TV tonight was be difficult. Patrick and Lisa are much-loved. They have a nation of two together that is so amazing. It breaks my heart to think that the time is most likely going to come when, mortally, they won't be together on this Earth.

Patrick continues to have my prayers, as does Lisa. He's beating the odds every day that he gets up and takes a breath. He can beat more odds. He has the strength and the will to do it. I'm realistic, but that does not diminish my hopes that in two years, we'll be talking about many more odds that he's beaten, and in 5 years, even more.

He's a wonderful man, and Lisa is a terrific lady. It hurts to know that one day, Patrick might not be here, but I suggest we live in today, that we cherish the man many of us have meant and care about, as a man, not just as an actor, and that we continue to send up those prayers and good vibes, that we continue to visualize Patrick, healthy and strong, riding his horses and playing with his dogs, and that we just continue to share his passion and hope.

That's what I'm going to try and do.

Patrick's new show, "The Beast", airs on A&E beginning January 15. Previews and trailers are available 'on demand' for those with Comcast service. A&E also has a terrific website for the series, complete with wallpapers, a community board, photo albums, and so much more. They are heavily promoting the series and looking forward to a second season of the new drama.

I'll be watching!

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