Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunny Monday Afternoon

First off, a quick thanks to Adrienne, one of my fan fic readers who caught some goofs in my story published early this morning. I've already made the corrections and updated them. I only had a couple of folks beta this story, so I really appreciate her taking the time to point out the mistakes. I love my stories to be as correct as they can. I don't know what the next story will be. My chivalry story stalled after a few paragraphs, and the muse is being silent. If anyone wants to try and spur my muse onward, please feel free to do so!

Just received another payment today from Review Stream. This is really a great way to earn some extra morning, especially for folks who like to critique things and/or are fast writers. I highly recommend it. Use this link to sign up and that way, you help me as I get a teeny percentage on referrals. Review Stream is very reputable. I've never seen anyone pay out so quick so consistently.

I'm still watching my set of MacGyver. I'm towards the end of season two. The problem is the blotches has continued, though it hasn't been as bad on subsequent DVDs as it was in the season one set. They're there, but not causing as much havoc. Had a couple of disks with no problems and a couple with just one or two shows affected. I haven't tried the toothpaste bit yet, but I plan to. I've sort of decided to watch the entire set first and then see what I can do.

Today's article of the day is located here. Please surf on over and read. Today's review of the day is right here. Re
member to vote that the review has been helpful; that's what counts here. This one has 28 votes, so is over halfway to where I need it in order to pay out.

My doggies could use a doggie care package -- Frontline for dogs in that 40-50lb range, Priority or Salix rawhide bones, and Milk Bone dog biscuits. Finances are strapped right now, so they're having to go without, and that's hard on Mom here.

Back to my writing and trying to earn some of that much-needed money. Times are getting tougher and tougher.

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