Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dream Houses of a Miniature Kind

As a young girl, I loved dolls, and I had a bunch of them. I treasured them. I had Barbie dolls and big dolls. If it was a doll, I wanted it. I remember one year my father gave me grief over all the dolls I had, but what did he get me for Christmas? You got it -- another doll. As I grew up, my love for dolls continued. Anytime I traveled, I picked up a new doll. They are happy memories. Then I started buying some high quality and specialty dolls, like a couple of Marie Osmond's. Dolls make me happy. They're a fun delight.

Yet, amazingly as it sounds, I've never had a dollhouse of any kind. That seems almost unbelievable to me because it seems like such a natural thing to have. The idea of having a tiny miniature of life is something I always wanted but missed out on. That's why I've enjoyed looking at Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures so much. I keep imagining how I'd decorate it.

I'd want my dollhouse to be complete with everything that mirrors a real home: an office, living room, a patio, dollhouse nursery accessories, little dining room sets, and just everything that makes up a home. They have this cute little mahogany Carlton desk that I love. It would be the center of my miniature office. Then my bedroom would have their Hansson walnut night stands. I adore those and need at least two.

No home, big or small, would be complete without my beloved pets, so I naturally gravitated to the pet section. The first thing I'd get is the miniature beagle. Everyone knows I love beagles. I've been blessed with two in my life, so this is a natural. There's a pet bed available, too, and lots more to make sure my dream house includes my animal kingdom.

Perusing this site just takes me back to happy days, and it gives me a chance to dream about my perfect dream house.

Zoolabees makes me dream about good things. I love that!

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