Sunday, May 17, 2009

My, It's Hot!

Here in Sacramento, it was 101 degrees today. It was even worse in neighboring locals, reaching 107. It made me very glad I'm here in the middle of the state capitol. Of course, that kind of heat got me looking around the house and thinking of ways to make it more of a heat fighter. There are some really neat remodeling things I could do, if I were able.

Sacramento Remodeling which is more directly known as River City Bath & Kitchen is
a local company that performs all kinds of remodeling projects for their customers. As their website points out, even with the downturn in the home buying marketing, the contracting business for remodelers has remained constant. Homeowners are choosing to upgrade their residences instead of relocating, and that's where this company comes into play.

The website gives potential customers some ideas for financing and things to consider in the remodeling process. If you have questions or want to discuss a project, you can either fill out the form on the website or call the company directly.

In these tough times, it definitely makes sense to upgrade rather than to move. My neighbors actually did that last year. They had planned on moving because she was pregnant, and they wanted a larger home, but there was no way they could get the value of their current home. So, they made changes instead, adding on to their home. It's definitely worth thinking about!

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