Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News and Notes for a Tuesday

Tuesday was such a busy day. First, I think it's so sad about Mike Tyson's young daughter. I can't stand Tyson, but the little girl was an innocent, and she sounds like she was so adorable. Apparently, she somehow got her neck in a treadmill cord. I guess she strangled herself by accident. Parents, that's a wake up call. Please make sure your homes are child proof. Think like a four-year-old as you walk through your house. Don't take chances. I just feel so bad for this little girl. Locally, on Monday a toddler was run over during a Memorial Day get together. Two seconds out of sight, and it was the wrong two seconds. Protect our children!

Then I just shook my head at the decline of Mel Gibson. His soon-to-be ex-wife deserves everything she can get, and I hope she gets her full half like California law requires. Gibson's girlfriend is pregnant, something he's confirmed now. It's not a surprise that his ex finally filed for divorce. Gibson used to be so highly respected. Then there was the DUI, the Jewish rant, and now the affair. Is this a mid-life crisis, or has he always been like this, and we just didn't see it?

Also on Tuesday, the California Supreme Court upheld the ban on gay marriage 6 to 1, while also stating that those couples married prior to the ban being passed are still married with all the rights and privileges thereof. So, it's a victory for those couples, but a loss for the gay rights activists and proponents. They are already working on a new ballot measure, probably for 2010. With so many other states already allowing gay marriage, I don't see how California can be a leader (while proclaiming to be so liberal as a state) and then lag behind. It's just an emotional issue for everyone. I just wonder how anyone can say love is a bad thing, especially when it's so hard to find anymore. I do understand the Biblical argument against gay marriage. I just love the idea of love, and I believe when it's real, it's so powerful that it shouldn't be denied.

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