Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a note or two

You wouldn't believe the thunder and lightning storm we had here in California last night. It was like the midwest, and that's not like us at all. We had cloud-to-cloud, and cloud-to-ground lightning that was just non-stop for hours. For the first few hours, it was just lightning, so it was close. In the middle of the morning, the thunder arrived, scaring my doggies, I might add. The rain was hard, and there was some hail. All the while it's 80 degrees outside. It was just crazy. I honestly don't believe we've ever had that in my lifetime here. It was odd, but what a show it was to watch.

Yesterday was also a hard day because of my black lab. She had two seizures on Tuesday, one at 6:30am and another at 5:30pm. She almost had one about 3:15am the next morning, so I took her for some tests. They did blood work and neurological testing, but everything came back clean. I wish money wasn't an issue so I could get an MRI, but that's a thousand bucks, and I just can't do that. My decision becomes whether or not to start her on phenobarbital, which is what they usually give to seizure-prone dogs that they really don't know what the cause is. That's an expensive proposition as well, I'm just not sure. I'm not feeling confident about not doing. She still seems a little off to me. I just don't know.

My sleep system is all goofed up now ... and I'm off. Have a good day!

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