Friday, June 5, 2009

The Need for Cool

I am not a sun and heat person. I have the need for shade and cool, and that includes anytime I'm driving my car. At a red light, I've been known to wait three or four car lengths back on a hot day, just to make sure my car is covered by a beautiful shade tree. I can't honestly say the tree is beautiful, but its shade sure is.

When the sun beats down on my car and the mercury is rising, my air conditioning is always. Otherwise, I look like a dripping tub of grease and slime when I reach my destination. Turning on the A/C is like a breath of fresh air in those conditions. I need it, and not just so I can look pretty, but so I can remain fresh and stay healthy.

Make sure your car is in tip top shape for the summertime and that your ac compressor is up to grade. This place has all you need to keep your cooling system running efficiently, and with helpful customer service representatives, they can tend to your every compressor request.

Sounds like a cool deal to me!

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