Monday, June 22, 2009

Treasured Traveling

Traveling is so wonderful. I love to see the world and experience other cultures, seeing how the peoples on other parts of the globe live. There are wonders to be found everywhere. I love the history of places and the beauty that can be found in all countries. One corner I've yet to visit, though, is Asia. It's something I'd love to correct.

One place I've always thought it would be fascinating to visit is Japan. There's so much honor and tradition there. Growing up, I had a lot of pen pals from that country who I communicated with. They shared their love of Japan and told me all kinds of things about what it was like to live there, so it's a place that would be quite special to visit.

Accor Hotels has several places of accommodation available, and since I like to travel first class, I'd stay at their Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza, which is located in central Tokyo. Tokyo is a must-see spot in Japan, and it would probably be my jumping off point. They have comfortable rooms with great views of their bustling city and that's important to me. I want to see the night lights in the darkened sky.

The Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza has comfortable rooms that are spacious, which is one of the reasons I'm attracted to them. I hate being crunched in my hotel room. I want to be able to kick back and relax in between my sightseeing outings, and there's so much to see in Tokyo that I'll need that time to put my feet up and just recline in comfort.

While researching my accommodations, I noticed that this is a great time to travel to Japan, or anywhere in the Asian Pacific. Accor Hotels are currently offering a whopping 60% savings for anyone who books online between June 23-29 for stays starting July 10 and ending September 30, 2009. That's a great deal, so if you're planning your dream trip, or if you're traveling on business, be sure to check out this site and save.

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