Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Un-Clutter Me!

Clutter! It might as well be my middle name. I'm a pack rat, and my house is full of things that even my sister calls junk. Of course, her junk is my treasure, and it's not going anywhere. Add to that the fact my house is an accumulation of various relative's hand-me-downs. As it worked out, when one aunt died, we got some of her things. Then my uncle died, and we got a bunch of his things, not to mention possessions and furniture that had been my grandparents. Then my other aunt went into a nursing home and, you got it, some of her things landed here. This house is a hodgepodge of my relatives' furniture and possessions, as well as my things and some of my parents things. Even my sister who complains about my clutter brings me things.

So, what's a clutter-ite to do? Self Storage is one such possibility. I could actually obtain boxes and packing materials from them to help with the non-furniture items. They have just about everything that a person could need. That's half the battle. They're also located in four different states. Among their locations are Self Storage Anaheim CA and Self Storage Albuquerque NM. There's even a location in Florida.

The website allows you to check the pricing and see what's available. There's lots of promotions, too, and these days, promotions help a lot. With all my clutter, I definitely need one of their larger units. It's a good thing they have several sizes to choose from so that I can obtain just the perfect size for me. Self storage to the rescue!

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