Thursday, July 30, 2009

Odds and Ends from Me

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I've done a check in but there's been a lot happening. With my financial situation, I've just been struggling so much, but things are now on the upswing. A huge weight has been lifted from me and I can breathe again. My disability finally came through so very soon I won't have to wake up with all that stress. The bills will be paid. What a relief!

Cassie's been just fine since those scary seizures a while back. I'm so grateful for that. It's so hard to watch her when that happens. I'm always on the smell out for skunks because it's highly possible they are the source of the seizures. My dogs are my joys, and they keep me smiling.

I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance and they've been doing some of the past routines from past seasons. I've been wondering why the Mercy number with the door that Twitch and Lacey did hadn't been featured yet. They did the routine tonight, only Katie performed it instead of Lacey. I'm curious why Lacey didn't perform. It has nothing to do with Dancing with the Stars because Chelsea's been on at least twice doing routines and she's also part of the DWTS family.

Please remember to use the links to on the right hand side of this blog. No matter what you're buying, if you start by using that link, I'll benefit from it. Even with the disability coming through, I still need to earn some money. Over on Review Stream, I'm now one of their featured authors so it's much easier to find my reviews there now, if you're interested. You can click on my name there, read my profile, and then click on the link to my reviews. It's really easy now.

I'm off to start work on a fan fic story. I can't wait to immerse myself back into my universe. It's so therapeutic, and I just treasure everyone associated with it.

One more thing. Please don't support tabloid trash. When you buy an issue or read a headline and pass that untruth on, you are supporting hurtful nonsense. People like Patrick Swayze have to deal with that nonsense when they should be focused on their health and getting well. They have families, and those family members have to endure this craziness. Please don't be a part of hurting the Swayzes or any other celebrity. Yes they are in public domain, but they are also human beings.

Have a great day!

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