Thursday, July 16, 2009

Raising money for breast cancer research

Odds are that you know someone who has died from or is suffering from breast cancer. The dangerous cancer has no boundaries and infests family members, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Maybe you yourself are dealing with breast cancer. While progress has been made, it's time to get beyond this horrid killer and rid the world of breast cancer for good. One positive way to do that is to fund research that can help medical researchers understand breast cancer more thoroughly and to ultimately come up with better treatments and, one day, the cure.

One way to help fund this much-needed research is to raise money through the Pink Ribbon Gumballs Bubble Up program. Are you the owner of a salon, spa, or other female-oriented business? Do you have a connection to a pizza place, dance studio, or youth oriented gathering spot? If so, consider doing your part by placing a gumball vending machine in one of these places. Maybe you even want to get one for your home and make your gumballs available to your neighborhood. It could be the center of any party on the block.

What easier way is there for individuals and businesses to help in raising money for breast cancer research?
The proceeds all go to a great cause, and it's easy to do and maintain. Bubble up with pink gumballs today!

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